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Nitro is a ONE-TIME donation. This means you have all the time in the world to hit your targets. Nitro is for traders that already have a trading plan, not gamblers looking for luck here and there. You can constantly achieve your trading goals with this plan.

Nitro has no evaluation stage to test your trading skills, you must be ready to make money in a professional manner. A real/live account is provided from day one.

Terms & Conditions
This document provides details terms and conditions for NITRO PROP Account. The presented content here is only for general information regarding Prop Trading services. By using Prop services, the client accepts all terms and condition presented for the prop account, as well as Aron Groups Broker terms and conditions presented on the website.
Aron Groups broker provides liquidity and does not interfere in reviewing the traders’ trades and strategies, and the service provider company is responsible for all reviews and decisions. By using Aron Prop services, the client declares that he/she has read and accepted all the terms and conditions related to Prop services as well as Broker policies.
Aron Groups Broker and associated prop firm reserve the right, but not limited, to fine, block, or do not provide service to a client at its own discretion.

Account Fee

Nitro account has only an initial fee depending on initial capital of trading account. additional fees may be applied for violation of trading conditions.

Initial trading capital (Dollar)Deposit (Dollar)

Withdrawal process

Withdrawal is possible after 2 months of trading starting from 60% of profit for client.

TermsWithdrawal amount
2nd month60%
After withdrawing 20% profit70%
After withdrawing 50% profit80
After withdrawing 100% profit90%

Example: Imagine that the balance of your trading account is 5,000$, and after two months of creating the trading account a sum of 10% ($500) profit is made. The trader will receive 60% of $500. For the following months the trader profit is 15%, in this case the trader cumulative withdrawal (25%) exceeds 20%, hence 70% of profit is returned to trader.


Trading features 

Nitro Name of services 
Unlimited Minimum and maximum days of trading 
1% Minimum Profit target 
3% Daily Drawdown 
10% Maximum Overall Drawdown 
10% The amount of profit to receive more capital 
Not Applicable if conditions are met Account Expiry date 
Floating Spread 
Up to 1:200 (Except Crypto Currency up to 1:5) Leverage 
+50 Trading Symbols 
FX, Commodities, Metals, Indices, Crypto Markets 
Crypto 0.085%
FX, Metals, Indices 0.0014%

Further information 

  • Withdrawal is possible on monthly basis and from second months upon reaching profit targets. 
  • Expert Advisors, Trading Bots, and similar products are possible upon approval from service provider. Traders cannot use a trading bot for the following purposes: 
  • Copying other trader’s trade 
  • Tick scalping 
  • Hedging 
  • Stacking 
  • Martingale 
  • Latency arbitrage trading 
  • Reverse arbitrage trading 
  • Hedge arbitrage trading 
  • Using simulators 
  • Or any method that is toxic and intended to harm the company intentionally/unintentionally. 
  • In case of any question or issue trader must act by Submit a ticket via client panel. 
  • Kindly note, account fees are non-refundable. 
  • If the trader reaches 10% profit target, the trader can apply to increase his capital. Please note this is subjected to review and does not guarantee approval upon request. 
  • Traders can take a maximum of 3% of the total capital as risk per trade/market; if the amount of drawdown exceeds 3% at any time, it is considered a violation. Therefore, if a trader has more than one open trade on a market/symbol, the sum of all positions for this is calculated as 3%. It is mandatory to use the stop loss for 90 days from the account being credited. 



  • Copied trades or copying third-party trades are called unauthorized trades and will result in breach of agreement and termination of service without any notice. 
  • Commission is charged for opening and closing a trading position. 
  • You can also see the swap details in the trading symbol description section in Metatrader. 
  • A fine will be applied if minor trading conditions are breached. In case of suspension, the trader can continue trading by paying a Penalty. Please refer to below table for more details. 

Aron Groups Broker reserves the right to block the trader’s account without any warning or explanation including but not limited to any violation and execute the appropriate fine based on the rules. 


Violation Examples 

Fine Type of violation 


Determined based on the type of violation. An amount of 2.5% of initial prop account balance will be deducted as a fine. The fine may be multiplied as number of violations rises. 


Lack of using stop loss 
Lack of Observance of risk/position and daily drawdown 
Unintentional error calculation  
Suspension or closing the trading account. Suspension penalty is 60% of account original cost.
Received three warnings for rules violation 
Having unauthorized trades 
Continue trading regardless of the rules 
Breach of maximum drawdown 


Trading symbols 

Forex Indices 
Description Leverage Description Leverage 
AUD/CAD^ 200 Australia 200 Index^ 50 
AUD/CHF^ 200 DAX 30 – Germany^ 50 
AUD/JPY^ 200 Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 Index^ 50 
AUD/NZD^ 200 Euro Stoxx 50 Index – EU Stocks 50^ 50 
AUD/USD^ 200 CAC 40 Index – France 40^ 50 
CAD/CHF^ 200 FTSE 100 Index – UK100^ 50 
CAD/JPY^ 200 Hong Kong 50 Index ^ 50 
CHF/JPY^ 200 Spain 35^ 50 
EUR/AUD^ 200 Nasdaq 100^ 50 
EUR/CAD^ 200 Nikkei 225 Index^ 50 
EUR/CHF^ 200 S&P 500 Index^ 50 
EUR/GBP^ 200 Metal 
EUR/JPY^ 200 Description Leverage 
EUR/NZD^ 200 XAUUSD^ 50 
EUR/USD^ 200 XAG/USD^ 50 
GBP/AUD^ 200 Crypto 
GBP/CAD^ 200 Description Leverage 
GBP/CHF^ 200 BTC/USD^ 5 
GBP/JPY^ 200 ETH/USD^ 5 
GBP/NZD^ 200 BNB/USD^ 5 
GBP/USD^ 200 Commodities 
NZD/CAD^ 200 Description Leverage 
NZD/CHF^ 200 Brent^ 25 
NZD/JPY^ 200 Gas^ 25 
NZD/USD^ 200   
USD/CAD^ 200   
USD/CHF^ 200   
USD/JPY^ 200