Aron Bank

A great offer for risk-free investing

Offer of Aron Groups’ broker will surprise you. Leave your liquidity to Aron Bank with peace of mind to get more profit from inflation.Choosing Aron Bank is a good solution to prevent wasting your capital in different markets.

Aron Bank’s high bank interest rate makes those who are looking for low investment risks more likely to enter the market.

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Tomans Investments

The purpose of establishing Aron Bank

You may think that few people are thinking about depositing in banks these days.Bank interest rates are also lower than nominal inflation. This has made domestic banks less attractive for investment, and on the other hand, low bank interest rates have reduced the incentive for people to invest in banks.

We offer to all those who are looking for safe investment with peace of mind to join Aron Bank.Due to respect and appreciation for this trust, Aron Groups has established Aron Bank to provide them with an easy and safe way to invest.

Aron Bank interest rates

Before you find out about Aron Bank interest rates, keep in mind that Aron Bank pays you interest on a step-by-step basis based on the amount of capital you have, and this is an annual daily interest, Also the deposit will be made through TopChange site. Deposits and withdrawals from the account will be made on a daily basis.

The interest rate that Aron Bank gives to investors is as follows:



Annual daily profit rate



Annual daily profit rate

Note: Interest is paid monthly to the depositors account on the last day of the month.Note: Withdrawals from Aron Bank accounts will be possible for 48 hours from Sunday morning (00:01) to midnight Monday (23:59) Tehran time.Note: Withdrawal from Aron Bank, after one month from the last deposit is free of charge, but includes 3% fee before that.Note: The minimum deposit amount to open an Aron Bank account is 100 dollars or its equivalent in Tomans.

Payment Methods of Aron Groups

Deposit or withdraw in any way you like