Fund Loan

Process & Fund`s Loan Rules

1. The Applicant Must Have Aron`s Fund Account, and Have Purchased the Stock

2. You Can Apply for Loan to The Customer Support Team From the 22 to the 28 Of Each Month Using a Ticket, After Initial Checking, This Will be Referred to Management, and After His Confirmation, Will be Referred to The Financial Section

3. The Financial Section Creates Two Accounts, Loan Trade, and Fund Loan That Doesn`t Have Withdrawal or Transfer to Other Accounts

4. The Financial Section Transfer the Double of Loan Amount from The Client`s Fund Account to The Fund`s Loan Account, and Deposit the Loan Amount Minus 1% Commission to The Client`s Loan Trade Account

5. Loan Rules

6. The Client by Purchasing the Fund`s Share to The Ceiling Of 50%, Can Receive His/her Capital as a Loan

7. The Date for Loan Application Is from the 22 to the 28 Of Each Month, and If Confirmed, The Loan Will Be Paid at The End of The Month

8. The Loan Is Non-Withdrawable, and Is Just for Using in Trading

9. The Minimum Amount of the Loan Is $500, and The Minimum Account`s Balance as Guarantee Is $1000

10. The Client Can Purchase Fund`s Shares by Fund`s Account, and Fund`s Loan Account

11. The Client to Apply for The Loan Must Have At Least Three Months` Record of Purchasing Fund`s Share

12. The Loan Time Is Three Months the Client Can Cancel It at Any Time by Paying a 5% Commission

13. The Fund`s Account and Trade Account Will Be Blocked till Loan Settlement Time

14. Deposit to The Loan & Trade Accounts Is Allowed but Will Be Non-Withdrawable till The Loan Settlement Time