Haghdoost Master Weekly Class

Each trader needs to know how to apply his/her technical analysis knowledge. The practical aspects of technical analysis is discussed in this educational course.

The technical analysis history, various charts, candlestick psychology, pivot points, support and resistance, divergence, indicators, Fibonacci, moving average, classic patterns and harmonic patterns are taught in this course. Basics of trading and investment management is also discussed throughout this course.

The course begins with an introduction to candlesticks and generating signals based on them (Price Action), which are popular concepts. This course is taught through 14 sessions. You can also checkout other courses related to technical analysis in Aron Groups including “Robert Miner method”, “What every trader should know about technical analysis” and “5 important basics in technical analysis”.

All courses are held and published by Aron Groups and are available for free. All rights are reserved by Aron Groups Broker.

About the broker - Introducing the types of trading accounts

How to deposit and withdraw to the broker

Installation of MetaTrader - Login to trading account

Kendallology - Support and Resistance

Introducing the types of charts - Introducing the trend and drawing it

Back Patterns - Soroshaneh - Twin Floor - Saucer

Continuing Pattern - Triangle - Rectangle - Corner

Doing transactions live - calculating the user's profit and loss

Introducing the indicator - macd - Rsi

Capital Management

Payment Methods of Aron Groups

Deposit or withdraw in any way you like