The Most Important Reasons to Join Aron Groups Broker

After 2 years of successful experience in the online trading market, with the assurance of the satisfaction of more than 10,000 traders, Aron Groups has now provided the opportunity for all people to experience online trading in global markets by offering more trading tools. All you have to do is be interested in financial markets, everything you need to get started and continue will be available to you at Aron Groups.

Aron Group and Dubai Expo Award

Aron Group Broker won a valuable award at the Dubai Forex Expo held on October 19 and 20, 2022. The exhibition awarded the Fast Growth of Trader Attraction award to Broker Aron Groups. Brands active in the financial markets and traders gathered in this exhibition to review the developments and taste of this market.

Investment companies in forex and digital currency market at Expo Dubai 2022 displayed their performance of the past months and dedicated their time to transfer experiences among other traders and brokers. Broker Aron Group also received the international award of this expo due to its performance and valuable achievements after sharing its experience at the closing ceremony.

A Host of Global Companies

Dubai International Exhibition, known as Expo Dubai (IFX EXPO), hosted the most prestigious forex companies from all over the world, with the presence of Aron Group Broker. This expo has many audiences that include liquidity providers, traders, investors, forex market enthusiasts, all of whom formed a large community at the forex expo Dubai event.

The organizer of this exhibition had invited the experts of this field individually to get to know the members of this broker closely by attending different booths, including the booth of Aron Group Broker. This meeting caused the experts to exchange opinions after hearing the opinions of this broker and traders to improve this market. Also, it is necessary to explain that the proposals presented by the broker Aron Groups were reviewed by experts.

Conditions of types of capital in Aron Group

Broker Aron Group has considered non-discrimination among traders as one of the policies implemented in its collection; Traders in this broker are accepted and traded based on customer-oriented rules and principles. The amount of capital of clients and traders does not differ for Aron Groups broker; This means that traders with any amount of capital from 10 dollars or 10 billion dollars will use the same tools and the conditions will be the same and equal for each type of investment.

Various brokers operate in the field of forex, and one of these brokers is Aron Groups. Aron Group broker has been able to have a wide reflection for its customers by providing leading services. Investors and traders in this area have been able to increase their capital by working in Aron Group Broker.

Valid symbols of the forex market

Expo Dubai was formed in 2022 with the aim of offering and providing investment opportunities in this market. Aron Group's broker displayed its capabilities to visitors and forex enthusiasts in its exclusive booth at this exhibition. Authentic symbols in this market were introduced by the broker Aron Groups, such as all kinds of cryptos, shares of super companies, technology tools, all kinds of trading accounts, etc. Exclusive Forex event 2022 was held in October at the end of the second decade of the month.

Easy deposit and withdrawal without commission

Providing the best deposit and withdrawal methods with the ability to deposit and withdraw in Tomans in Aron Groups global broker is possible for the clients of this broker.

Valid licenses and regulations

Aron Markets LTD is incorporated under Marshall Island law, under licence number 118046. Aron Markets LTD registered address is Ajeltake Road Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960. Aron Markets LTD office is located at. 59 Agios Athamasios Avenue, D. VRACHIMIS BUILDING, Limassol, 4102, Cyprus.

Daily profit of trading accounts

Standard, VIP and cash accounts for Aron Groups receive an average daily profit (to free margins) of between 5 and 20% on average.

24 hours support

Our partners in the support department of Aron Groups are ready to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the customers of this complex./24 services

High security

Aron Groups is one of the best brokers in the field of security and financial software updates among other global brokers.

Receive currency remittances from around the world

Aron Groups Exchange is ready to receive foreign currency remittances from all over the world at the lowest cost and in the fastest time, at the Istanbul branch.

Attractive bonuses

Aron Groups Broker has provided the conditions for its traders to experience net profit by opening an account in Aron Groups Broker.

IB high percentage

At Aron Groups Broker IB, you will receive commissions from all symbols and types of accounts, up to 50%, with the simplest terms.

Providing free charts of Iranian and international symbols

In Aron Groups broker, in addition to international symbols, Toman symbols have also been provided to traders in line with the global market.

Strong market depth

In the MetaTrader application, by selecting the Depth of Market option, and then Market Depth, you can trade buy or sell or order type.

Low Risk

With MetaTrader 5, conduct your trades with high accuracy and careful review, and significantly reduce the risk of trading errors compared to other applications.

Bilateral trading of shares of the world largest companies

At Aron Groups, it is possible to trade the world superpowers such as Apple, Sony, McDonald, Toshiba, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Boeing.

Protect the account against negative balance

Protecting your account against negative balances (traders whose accounts are negative) at Aron Groups Broker is free of charge.

Presenting Toman and Forex symbols

For the welfare of Aron Groups traders, it is possible to trade Iranian symbols such as gold and currency for Aron Groups broker clients.

The latest trading platform (MT5)

Successful trading in the financial markets is done with a simple and at the same time complete platform, MetaTrader 5 is the best choice for today traders.

Diverse trading accounts

Aron Group Broker offers a variety of accounts for a variety of traders, including Nano, Standard, Cash and VIP accounts.

Investment accounts

Aron Banks high bank interest rates have made those who are looking for low investment risks enter this market without any worries.

Ability expert advisor

At Aron Group Global Broker, it is possible to provide expert advisor for all trading accounts available in this broker.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Aron Groups

In Aron Groups broker, it is possible for traders to buy and sell more than 120 digital currencies with the lowest commission and spreads.

Mutual Funds (PAMM)

With an Aron Fund account, you will receive your profit from transactions with the least risk. The more shares you have, the more profit you make.

400 different market trading facilities with just one trading account

By opening an account in Aron Broker, you can trade more than +1000 Market/Symbol with the lowest commission and spreads with high leverage and zero margin.

Possibility of trading (hedge)

At Aron Groups you can enter into a hedge where you buy a currency pair and at the same time you can sell the same currency pair.

Global gold ounce deal without commission, without swap, and with a volume of 0:01

At Aron Groups Broker, trade ounce of global gold with no commission, no swap and with a volume of 0:01 with confidence and no restrictions on trading.

Educational Academy

The Aron Groups Broker Academy section offers a variety of instructional videos in all areas required by traders and trading methods.