Aron Groups International Trading Symbols

Did you know that for the first time in the world, you can trade over 360 different symbols with the lowest commission and spread in Aron Groups global broker.

By opening an account at Aron Groups Broker, you can make a daily profit from your balance at Aron Groups and even be one of the lucky winners of various Aron competitions.

In Aron, you can have a unique deal with your favorite Toman symbols, tailored to your taste and knowledge.

Also, in Aron Groups Broker, for the first time, you can trade with high leverage and zero margin, you will not find these golden opportunities together anywhere else.

The traded symbols in Aron Groups Broker are as follows:

13 Symbol of Precious Metals

103 Currency pair symbol

14 special symbols of Aron Groups Broker (Toman)

3 energy symbols

12 symbols of global stock indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S & P, Dex Germany, Coke France, Fetsy London, etc.)

80 digital currency symbols

48 stock symbols registered in the US market

32 stock symbols of European companies

30 stock symbols of Asian companies

25 stock symbols of Russian companies

7 Icons for ETFs

Trade the world with Aron Groups global broker .

Start trading with just four simple steps and make a profit

Start trading

Start trading and make a profit


Log in to your account and charge your account.


Upload the documents required to activate your account.


After registration, open your real account.

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