Mobile MetaTrader training (Android and iOS)

How to activate a trading account in Aron Groups broker in Android version mt5

How to place an order (register a buy or sell order) in MetaTrader

Familiarity with the new order page

Market execution part

Familiarity with the new order page

pending order

How to trade in the depth of the market in MetaTrader 5 mobile version

MetaTrader tutorial 5 setting Android version parts

Chat activation training in MetaTrader 5

آموزش نحوه فعالسازی چت متاتریدر از طریق سایت MQL5

آموزش نواز ابزار در قسمت Trade در نسخه اندروید MT5

Learn how to close trades in the Android version of MT5

Instant Execution Training

How to activate and register the demo version of Aron Groups Broker

Introduction to user panel or CRM in Android version

How to deposit money and charge your wallet in the user panel

Learn how to use the IB incentive plan in the Android version

Learn how to transfer and request money in the user panel in the Android version

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