Specifications of trading accounts


In this section you can get acquainted with specifications of Aron Groups broker’s trading accounts:

Nano accountStandard accountCash accountVIP account
Minimum volume0.01 Lot Nano 0.010.0010.1
Maximum volume1 Lot Nano1 110
Incremental step0.01 Lot Nano 0.010.0010.1
Maximum open position10 Lot Nano10 lot100 lot100 lot

Important Note:

  • The specifications of trading accounts are the same for dollar and toman accounts.
  • The volume of each 1 lot of nano in nano accounts is equal to 0.01 lot in other broker accounts.

Contract volume table

Trading Symbols10 lot1 lot0.1 lot0.01 lot
Melted gold (AronGold.IR)10,000 gr1,000 gr100 gr10 gr
Gold coin (AronCoin.IR)1.000 coin100 coin10 coin1 coin
Platinum to Tomans (XPTIRT-Platinum)10,000 gr1,000 gr100 gr10 gr
Silver to Tomans (XAGIRT-Silver)
1,000,000 gr 100,000 gr10,000 gr1,000 gr
Dollars to Tomans (USDIRT)1,000,000 Dollar100,000 Dollar10,000 Dollar1,000 Dollar
Euro to Toman (EURIRT)1,000,000 Euro100,000 Euro10,000 Euro1.000 Euro
Pounds to Tomans (GBPIRT)1,000,000 Pound100,000 Pound10,000 Pound1,000 Pound
Lira to tomans (TRYIRT)1,000,000 Lira100,000 Lira10,000 Lira1,000 Lira
Dirham to Toman (AEDIRT)1,000,000 Dirham100,000 Dirham10,000 Dirham1,000 Dirham
Herat dollar (USDIRT_Harat)1,000,000 Dollar100,000 Dollar10,000 Dollar1,000 Dollar
Brent oil in Tomans (BRNIRT-Brent Oil)10,000 Barrels1,000 Barrels100 Barrels10 Barrels
Bitcoin in Toman (BTCIRT-Bitcoin)10 Bitcoin1 Bitcoin0.1 Bitcoin0.01 Bitcoin
Atrium in Tomans (ETHIRT-Ethereum)1,000 Ethereum10 Ethereum10 Ethereum1 Ethereum
Litecoin in Tomans (LTCIRT-LiteCoin)10,000 Litecoin1,000 Litecoin100 Litecoin10 Litecoin

Start trading with just four simple steps and make a profit

4. Start trading

Start trading and make a profit

3. Investment

Log in to your account and charge your account.

2. Authentication

Upload the documents required to activate your account.

1. Registration

After registration, open your real account.

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