What Is Interest Rate? & How It Works? What Is Interest Rate? & How It Works? What Is Interest Rate? & How It Works?

What Is Interest Rate? & How It Works?

Interest rate is one of the most important factors for any economy, especially in recent years, this impotence has increased a lot. During the Covid-19 pandemic, central banks across the world changed their policy regarding interest rates, and then again this policy changed to combat the high inflation rate.

For traders and investors, the interest rate is a very important topic and in this article from Aron Groups Broker, we want to get into the details of this very hot and important topic of the economy.

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What Is Interest Rate?

Interest rate, which is also known as overnight interest rate, is a rate at which banks lend to each other daily to cover their emergency expenses and manage their budget appropriately.

  • The authority responsible for determining the exact rate is the central bank of the country
  • In the United States of America, Federal Reserve is determining this interest rate for the banks

This overnight interest rate, also known as the interest rate among banks, has many effects on the economy of a country and even the whole world.

How Does Interest Rate Works?

This is a very important question.

Having a comprehensive grasp of the interest rate functionality helps you to better understand the economy and make better decisions for your trades and investment.

  • When the inflation rate is high, central banks increase the interest rates, will make borrowing expensive for the banks, then these banks will determine harder metrics for lending to consumers and businesses, which will decrease the total consumption and demand of the economy, and the result is the lower inflation rate
  • But when the economy needs money, the central bank decreases the interest rate, this will make borrowing cheap for banks and they are comfortable lending to consumers and businesses at a very lower cost, this will increase the economic growth rate and lower the unemployment rate, over the long run, such a policy will increase the inflation rate

This shows interest rate is a very important topic and the central bank has a very important responsibility to manage the rates for controlling inflation rate, economic growth, and the unemployment rate.

Interest Rate

Effects Of Interest Rate

Now, after knowing about the interest rate, and being aware of its important functionality on the economy, we want to be aware of its effects on different parts of the economy.

  • high-interest rates will make borrowing expensive, lower economic growth, and can have negative effects on different capital and financial markets
  • Whereas, a low-interest rate, will make borrowing very attractive and cheap, increase the demand and economic growth rate, and will have positive effects on different capital and financial markets

Any change whether to increase the interest rate, or decrease the interest rate by the central bank will affect the economy, and this is a very important metric that both traders and investors must master on it and take it seriously in their decisions.

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The Bottom Line

Interest rate is among the most important topics of the economy, any change has a significant effect on the supply, demand, and different financial and capital markets.

If you are interested in knowing more about the economy, we invite you to explore the blog section of the Aron Groups Broker.