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Everything about deals

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Deposit and withdrawal

How to register in Aron Groups Broker?

Registering using the website:

Enter to the website: https://client.arongroups.co/fa/register/ .

Enter your full name in English according to your document.

Then, enter your other information and click on "Continue."

Check your email to receive a verification code.

Enter the verification code.

Enter your email and password and click on the "Login" option.

If you need more help, read the following file:


I entered the password, but it was not accepted.

The password must have at least 12 characters and contain at least one uppercase English letter, one lowercase letter, and numbers.

What does invalid phone error mean?

Enter your mobile number as +989123456789, and do not change it if the + sign is moved on the registration page.
Note that your keyboard must be set to English when entering the number.
If you see a "Duplicate Number" error when registering the number, use another mobile phone number and change your mobile number after registering by sending a ticket.

What is a verification code?

A verification code (personal identification number) is required to confirm any request to open an account, change a password, or withdraw. Your verification code will be emailed; you must enter the verification code to continue.

Why was the verification code not sent to my email?

If a bot did your registration, make sure that you have registered your email correctly. If you have not registered the email correctly, go to your user panel, select the "Profile" option, and register a ticket. On the next page, click "Create a Ticket" and provide the necessary explanations to the technical department. Your email will be corrected as soon as possible. Otherwise, check your spam folder. Also, if you use a mobile phone to enter Gmail, you must update your email application or use a browser to open the email; note that the browser is updated, clear the browser cache, and then request a new code.

What does the “This email is already registered” error mean?

The error means your email address has already been used to register with Aron Broker.

If you have forgotten your password, you should try to recover it. You should note that you can only open one Aron Broker account.

To recover the password, enter the following address:


Then select the "Forgot Password" option and enter the email you have registered with.

Click on the "Send" option to send a verification code to your email address. Enter the verification code in the corresponding section to choose a new password for your panel.

What does the “IB Promo Code” option mean during registration?

If you want to register using a referral code, you must register the code in this section. Otherwise, leave the field blank and complete your registration. You do not need to enter the code if you use a personal IB link.

How should I learn about the reason for the rejection of my verification?

Go to the “User Panel,” then the “Profile” section, and after that, the “Verification” section. View your status; if it is rejected, you will see the reason in the same place. The reason for your verification rejection will also be sent to your email.


I get an error when uploading my ID, what should I do?

Please note that the image must be uploaded as JPG, and the size should not exceed 10 MB.

Don’t scan the cards. Using a mobile phone, take a photo of your documents. Provide appropriate light, and don’t use the flash of the phone. Avoid creating any shadow, and don’t copy the image. If everything is ok, then upload it.

If you need more help, please read the following link:


How should I know my profile has been verified?

Log in to the “User Panel,” then the “Profile” section, and again the “Profile” icon. The “Profile Has Been Verified” option should be visible with a green tick.

Also, the verification result will be sent to your email.


Why does my profile need to be verified?

If you are under 18 years old, your documents will not be approved.

If you have already registered and verified on the site, you will not be allowed to register and authenticate again according to the rules.

If your profile is not verified, send a ticket and ask for the reason. Our Aron expert personnel will review your account quickly.

Also, if you still need to register your first and last name exactly as in the document and your verification is not confirmed, contact the support team and request a review.

How can I verify?

After entering your “User Panel,” enter the “Verification” section through the following address:


You can use your national ID, smart driving certificate, birth certificate, or valid passport to verify your profile.

To register using a national ID or birth certificate, use the “ID Card” option and upload both sides of the ID card or the top section and bottom section of the first page of your birth certificate.

You can read the following link to see the instructions in detail:


Why some withdrawal option are not Active?

You will only allowed to withdraw if your profile is verified.


Also, |In case of violation, such as fraudulent activity, the broker will temporarily disable the possibility of withdrawal until the result is determined, underscoring the importance of maintaining a clean trading record.

Why the “continue” key is disabled for me when registering a withdrawal/deposit?

When depositing, it's important to select an active account. Please note that depositing to wallets is currently disabled, ensuring your funds are securely held within the platform. When initiating a withdrawal, it's important to follow these steps: First, click on the "Payment Details" option. Then, register the receiver's details accurately. Finally, click "Continue" to proceed with the withdrawal. This clear process will help you feel confident in your actions. When entering the price, the amount should be at least 500 thousand IRT if we want to make a withdrawal in IRT, considering the fee deduction. If you intend to withdraw through other methods, the withdrawal amount should be at least 20 dollars/tether.

An error accrued when registering a deposit using the broker robot / my deposit through the exchange is not displayed on the Site.

When using the exchange robot, you must use the mobile number and email you entered on the Site during registration.

When the deposit is confirmed, take a screenshot and send the confirmation message.

Why does the invalid account error appear on Metatrader?

The invalid account error message may appear for one of the following reasons:

1- You need to enter your login or account number correctly.

2—You need to enter the account password correctly. Please copy this password from the broker's email and paste it into Metatrader. Be careful not to paste extra spaces.

3- You need to select the relevant server correctly.

4- You don't use the right VPN to access Metatrader.

What is the “Bad credentials” error?

If you see this Error when entering the user panel, you need to change your password. Click on "Forgotten Password," and an email will be sent to you. Change the password, go to the user panel, and log in with the new password.

What is the error “Amount is *** USD minimum deposit”?

When making the first deposit to your trading account, you must deposit the minimum required amount.

You will encounter this Error when making a deposit less than the minimum allowed.

For example, to open a standard account, you must deposit at least 50 dollars or its equivalent in IRT.

I am unable to ask the Academy Group my questions. What should I do?

You can use the Aron Groups Academy for free, but if you have any questions, you must have at least a $10 balance in one of the trading accounts, such as Nano, Standard, or VIP. This amount will not be deducted from your account; it only shows that you are a customer.

I have lost my email, and I need to change It.

If you need to change your email but need access to your trading panel, complete the relevant form through the link below and change your email.

After completing the form, be sure to send a ticket and inform the support team so that the necessary actions can be taken:


I have not activated the Two-step verification, but I can’t log in to my account. I need to remove it.

 Click on the link below and send your application to deactivate the 2-step verification. This empowerment will help you take control of your account settings.

After filling out the following form, inform the support team by sending a ticket so that the necessary actions can be taken:


Why does the “Maximum accounts created” error appear on the screen?

Note that you are only allowed to create one account of any type, except for the Aron saving account, where you can make two accounts: a dollar and a IRT account.

To change the trading style of your account, visit the "User Panel," click on "Profile Section," and send a request. (Convert account from netting to hedging or vice versa)

How to change your password?

To change your password, go to the "Profile" section in your dashboard and select the "Profile" option again.

On this page, click on the "Change" option next to the "Password" phrase.

Now, first, you should enter the current password and then the new password in 2 steps.

Note that the password must contain at least 12 characters, at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and numbers.

Then, a PIN, a combination of numbers and letters, will be emailed to you. You may find this PIN in your spam folder. Copy and confirm it to change your password successfully.

How do you open a live and a demo account?

To open a live and demo account, enter your user panel through the following address:


Choose the "Open a Demo Account" option or the "Main Account" from the "Accounts" section.

You can open a demo or trial account through the "Open Demo Account" section.

In this way, select the lever, type of currency, and your desired balance for the demo, and then choose the option to "Open the Account" on the executed page. The login and password to connect to Meta Trader 5 will be sent to your email.

You will enter a new page by selecting the option "Open the Main Account," where you can choose the type of account, the type of contract (netting/hedging), the amount of leverage, and the type of account currency. The login and password to connect to MetaTrader 5 will be sent to your email.

To log into trading accounts select the server address based on account type:

AronMarket-Demo: Demo accounts

AronMarket-MT5: Main accounts

Is it possible for a Trader to register as an Aron Broker through different emails?

According to the rules, each customer can register, authenticate, and use broker services with only one email; otherwise, according to the regulations of the broker, the account will be blocked and fined.

How do you edit personal information in an Aron Broker account?

To correct your name and address, date of birth, or identity information, you should enter the "Profile" section, then the "Ticket Registration" section, and after that, declare your correct information to be corrected.

Also, to change your email or contact number, go to the "Profile" section and use the "Change" option to change your email or mobile number.

Is It Possible to Recover a Forgotten Password?

  To recover the password, enter the following address:


Then select the "Forgot Password" option, and enter the email you registered with on this page.

By clicking the "Send" option, a link will be sent to your email; click on the link, enter the new page, and register your new password.

I need Some training videos to learn about the features of the platform and the user panel.

Contact the customer support and ask for educational videos.

Also, note that to review all cases and receive a quick response, consider the online chat section; ad tickets take more time to respond.

How should I enter the “Copy Trading” portal?

To enter the "Copy Trading" or "Social Trading" portal, enter the login and password of your copy trading account that was emailed to you through the following link:


What is the difference between dollar and IRT accounts?

You can choose the account’s base currency in dollars or IRT in trading accounts.

The only difference between these 2 is simply the display of the customer’s deposit, balance, credit, profit, and loss. In-country customers don’t need to multiply the balance of their transactions in IRT to get the equivalent amount in IRT and calculate their profit or loss; they need to choose an account with IRT's base currency.

Account with IRT base currency: XTS and account based on dollar currency: USD

Note that in the nano account, cents are used instead of dollars, as shown by the USN symbol.

(Every 100 cents is equal to 1 dollar. Also, there is no difference between the traditional account and the dollar account)

What currencies can I use to open an account?

Deposits in designated digital currencies, as well as dollars, euros, liras, and IRT, are possible at the broker.

After depositing to trading accounts with any of the methods you choose, your funds will be converted into one of the following three currencies – according to your account:

Aron broker’s accounts are based on dollars (USD), cents (USN), and IRT with the symbol XTS.

What are the spreads?

All the accounts have variable or floating spreads except for the Nano account, whose amount is determined by market supply and demand.

However, the spread is significantly reduced in Standard, VIP, and ECN accounts compared to Nano accounts.

To see the spread of each symbol, create an account and check the spread of the symbol you want in the “Market Watch” section.

How can I change the leverage?

To change your account's leverage, go to the “Accounts” section, then “Overview of Accounts,” and then click on “Login” or the desired account; now tap on the “Change” option. Please note that you should not have any “open trade” to change the leverage. Your request will be processed within one working hour.

Also, note that demo accounts cannot change leverage, but you can create a new one if needed.

How many trading accounts can I create?

You can open 10 real accounts and 4 demo accounts in Aron Broker.

In ECN, copy trading, demo, and prop accounts, you are allowed to use the basic mode of the account.

But for Nano, Standard, and VIP accounts, you can choose one of the two netting or hedging modes.

If you need to change the account status, you can request to change the account status from the “Profile” section. You need to complete and send the relevant form according to your needs so that the necessary actions will be taken.

It would help if you had no “Open trade” when submitting the request.

What is the minimum deposit required to open a trading account?

To open an account, you should provide the minimum initial deposit as follows:

Standard account: 50 dollars or its equivalent in IRT

ECN account: 500 dollars or its equivalent in IRT

VIP account: 2500 dollars or its equivalent in IRT

Nano account: 1 dollar or its equivalent in IRT

Prop Aron 100 account: At least 50 dollars or its equivalent in IRT

Prop Nitro account: At least 300 dollars or its equivalent in IRT

Copy trading account: 500 dollars for the master and 100 dollars for the investor or the equivalent of these amounts in IRT

However, note that the minimum deposit to the broker is 1 million IRT or 25 dollars or its equivalent in digital currencies. Customers can also make deposits less than the minimum amount after activating the accounts.

Deposit conditions will be different for investment accounts.

What is the broker’s trading platform?

Currently, MetaTrader 5 is the only trading platform in the broker. Metatrader’s features include easy access to the current price, the possibility of using linear drawing tools and indicators, viewing charts, providing long and short trades, receiving news, etc. MetaTrader software also allows you to create a demo and live account.

How can I download my trading platform on a desktop / iOS / Android / Mac?

Different versions of this program can be downloaded from the following address:


What is the investor password?

The investor password is a password to enter your trading account through MetaTrader 5. It consists of letters and numbers and provides access to your trading account information. In this way, you can show the results of your transactions to others.

Any MetaTrader account has 2 separate passwords: the main password or the trader’s password and the investor’s password. Each password gives you different accesses.

Usually, you log into the Metatrader account using the trader’s password. Using the trader’s password, we can perform all trading activities in Metatrader. This means we can create a trade, modify it, or close open trades.

However, when you enter the MetaTrader 5 trading account using the investor password, you do not have access to the transactions. You can only see open trades and trade history.

When you give other traders the investor password, they can evaluate your trading strategy, keeping your trading account safe. However, MetaTrader does not allow users to trade through the “Investor Password” mode.

You may confidently share your investor’s password with other traders, friends, family members, clients, and others.


What is the difference between live and demo accounts?

A demo account is designed for learning. In this account, traders can trade with virtual currency, so the profit and loss are virtual. The live or main account requires depositing real money, and its profits and losses are real.

What is the difference between Hedging and Netting?

Trade style:


You will have one “Open Trade” on one symbol; if you add volume, averaging will happen. If you enter a position against the direction of the first trade, the volume of your “Open Trades” will be reduced.


A new trade is opened for each short or long position, and you can have several open trades on one symbol.

Where are the sources of Aron Broker’s rates and prices?

Due to the lack of reliable sources, IRT rates are set by the broker itself by checking various criteria.

However, other rates are charged from LPs, the sources of which are as follows:


Fx-edge / match trade




How can I create a copy trade account and customize its settings?

To invest in copy trading and open an account, click on the following link:

Download PDF


After creating a “Copy Trading” account, you must follow at least one master based on your criteria and reviews and activate it for copy trading; for this purpose, do as follows:

Download PDF


Also, to apply the best settings in your copy trading subscription, you can refer to the following file:

Download PDF

May depositing money into a saving account alone lead to receiving interest?

You can create your desired Aron savings account to use the risk-free investment opportunity.

Refer to the “Accounts” section and create the “Main Account” in the user panel. Choose the Aron saving account and the base currency of the account according to your needs.

Then, provide the minimum deposit of $100 or its equivalent.

Please note that no transaction will be added to your Aron saving account through Metatrader, etc.; simply depositing money into these accounts will bring you a profit.

Also, any customer can create both a IRT and a dollar saving account and use both to invest simultaneously.

Aron saving interest is deposited to this account on the last day of every month.

What actions are needed to use the investment opportunity in the fund account?

To earn profit from Aron investment fund, which is a variable interest account, you should consider the following steps:

If you do not have a fund account, first go to the “Accounts” section in the user panel and create a “Fund Account” named Aron Investment Fund in the “Main Accounts” section.

Then, the login and password for this account will be emailed to you. Use them to log in to your account in MetaTrader 5.

Charge your fund account according to the number of shares you request to buy. Note that each share is equivalent to 100 dollars, and you cannot purchase shares if you deposit less than this amount.

To get more information about how to order and choose the symbol of the new month, you can refer to the online support of the broker or read the following link:

Download PDF

Is there any training program for the MetaTrader 5 trading platform?

Virtual training is available. In addition to preparing educational materials in text, audio, or video, participating in online webinars is also very useful.

Aron Broker Groups has spent a lot of money and time in this field to provide free training for all lovers and enthusiasts of the forex market, which can be easily accessed through the following links:




Why can’t I connect to the broker server in Metatrader 5?

When using MetaTrader 5, you need a suitable VPN.

Also, you don’t need any VPN or WPS to access the website or use MetaTrader.

However, you sometimes may not be able to connect to Aron Broker’s server due to software errors; in such cases, the best solution is to uninstall and reinstall the software. Also, always download and install the latest version of the App.

How to create a Prop account?

You must first provide the minimum initial deposit of your trading accounts to use prop accounts.

Then refer to the “Profile” section, request a “Prop Account” and complete the form.

Note that if your accounts do not have enough balance, you cannot view this form.


If you need more guidance, read the following link:

Download PDF


Also, if you already have a prop account and intend to reactivate it, you should refer to “Ticket” and submit your reactivation request by sending a ticket.

Does my trading account earn interest?

An annual interest is considered for Standard, ECN, and VIP accounts.

This profit is calculated only for the amount not used in the trades, which is part of the “Free Margin.” It is calculated as a net deposit or Equity minus the used margin.

This profit is added to the client’s trading account on the last day of every month.

How can I open a live and a demo account?

To open a live and demo account, enter your “User Panel” at https://client.arongroups.co/login and select “Accounts” from the menu. Select the type of account you want to open. Fill in the required details and click on “Open Account”. The login and password will be sent to your email.

If I have an open trade, how much of my balance can I withdraw?

The minimum Margin should be as follows to withdraw money:

For all trading accounts: The minimum margin level is 100%.

For ECN accounts: The minimum margin level is 10%.

How is the margin level calculated?

Margin level is the ratio of equity to Margin. (in percent)

Margin level = (equity divided by Margin) × 100

Note that understanding the concept of margin level is very important. The broker determines whether the trader can trade by monitoring the margin level.

How can I calculate the free margin?

Free Margin is the difference between your account equity and the Margin of your open positions. It is the amount of money not currently involved in trades; you can withdraw part of it, spend it on opening other trades, or use it to cover losses in current trades of the same account. Click to read more.

The free margin formula equals the equity minus the Margin

Free Margin = Equity - Margin

How can I calculate the margin?

Margin is the initial collateral required to open a transaction, calculated based on the leverage.

Margin equals to:

trade value divided by account leverage

trade value: trade volume × contract volume × symbol unit price

Exception: Note that leverage has a fixed amount for different accounts in cryptocurrency and stock symbols.


Get the required Margin for one lot of EUR against USD in your account with a leverage of 100 (1:100) at the rate of 1.4345.

Each euro lot against the US dollar is one hundred thousand euros.

The EUR/USD rate is equal to 1.4345

100 thousand × 1.4345 equals 143450

So, one lot of euros is equal to 143450 dollars. Our leverage is 1:100. As a result, we have to provide one percent of it.

That means:

143450 divided by 100 times would equal $1434.50.

So, a position with the volume of one EUR/USD lot in an account with a leverage of 1:100 needs a $1,434.50 margin.

How is my trading account balance calculated?

Equity equals the account balance plus the variable profit or loss of open positions at any given time.

Equity = balance + floating profit or loss

How do you calculate swaps for all types of accounts?

Swap for IRT symbols Contract volume × trade volume × long/short swap point   Swap for international symbols Contract volume × trade volume × long/short swap point × tick size   Note: To see the contract size, tick size, and swap point in IRT and international symbols, visit the "Symbol Properties" section in Metatrader.

How to calculate the commission for all types of accounts?

Commissions in Aron Broker are calculated based on each trade.

On the other hand, the commissions are different based on symbol, market, and account.

The value of a trade is equal to the trade volume × contract volume × the price of the symbol

The commission is equal to trade value × set percentage ÷ 100

You can also see the coefficient of the commissions according to the type of the symbol, the market, or the account at the following address, or check from the feature section of each symbol:


Terms of the Transaction

How much is each Lot per trading symbol?

To see the contract size of each symbol, refer to the symbol properties section in Meta Trader:


With the Meta Trader application, accessing symbol properties is a breeze. Simply click on 'Prices' and select 'Properties' in the new window to view all the specifications of the desired symbol, including the contract size for each lot.

Windows version:

If you have installed the "Windows" version of the Meta Trader, right-click the desired icon and select the "Specification" option in the opened window.

In this way, you will see all the specifications of the desired symbol, including the contract size, for each lot.

What is leverage?

Leverage is a powerful tool that empowers traders to borrow more credit from the broker, enabling them to trade in higher volumes and potentially increase their profits.

For example, if you use up to 100 leverage and the price of 1 lot of molten gold (1 kg) is 1 billion IRT, you can trade 1 lot of molten gold by paying only 10 million IRT. (collateral = leverage / actual price)

What are your trading hours?

Aron Broker is the first broker to offer IRT symbols on a global level in addition to international symbols.

Traders can view the time of each symbol in the properties section in Metatrader, taking into account the GMT difference.

All trades and times recorded in the user panel and Metatrader are in server time.

The time difference with the server in the first six months of the year is 30 minutes, and in the second six months, it is 1:30 hours, which will be added to the server time because of country time delay.

For example, when the server time is 11:00, it will be equal to 11:30, considering a 30-minute difference to country time. And in case of a 1:30-hour difference with the server, the time will be 12:30 country time.

Can you guarantee that my order will be executed at the selected price?

It will be executed immediately whenever the order reaches the Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Sell Limit, and Sell Stop points.

However, we reserve the right to execute orders at the first available price in high volatility, price gaps, when economic news is released, etc.

A trade is valid only at the current rate.

Do your spreads change When news releases?

The Aron Broker spread is floating, so the difference between a currency pair's BID and ASK prices constantly changes.

Trading prices at Aron Broker are set by multiple liquidity providers and are passed on directly to clients.

This means that spreads fluctuate based on supply, demand, and general market volatility.

Therefore, the spread increases at the time of the release of economic information, as well as the times when liquidity in the market is low, such as holidays and midnights.

How can I open a new trade or position?

Web-based version:

To open a new position, click on "New Order" from the Tools menu. You can also open the "Order" window by pressing the "F9" button or by double-clicking the trading icon in the "Market Watch" window. You can also open the "New Order" command from the right menu in the "Market Watch" window or the "Trade" window. The Order window is used to open and change the parameters of trading positions.

Symbol option: The symbol determines which asset you are trading by selecting the desired symbol.

Volume: Shows the trading volume in LOT.

Stop Loss: Determines the limit of loss for each trade. (optional)

Take Profit: Determines the profit limit. (optional)

Android/iOS version:

Select the trading symbol from the "Quotes" tab and click the "New Order" option in the small window that opens.

Symbol: The asset you are trading.

Market Execution: In this case, you can buy and sell based on the market rate.

Then, you have to determine the trading volume in LOT.

SL: Determines the stop loss order. (optional)

TP: Determines the profit limit. (optional)

Fill or kill: these orders must be executed completely or canceled.

Immediate or Cancel: Using this command, a part of the order that can be executed immediately will occur, and the rest will be canceled.


How can I close an open position?

In the desktop version, double-click or right-click on the trade you want to close.

In the order window, click "Close" and "OK".

In the Android/iOS version, on the "Trade" tab, press and hold the order you want to choose. Then, select the requested action in the small pop-up window that appears.

You can view all closed positions in the "History" tab.

Why can’t I place a new order?

If you log in with an investor's password, you cannot place orders or make changes to the trading account.

Your margin level has reached the margin call, or your balance needs increased.


Why is my open order closed?

If your margin level goes lower than the margin call level and the market continues to move against your position, the broker will close your losing positions. Of course, each account in Aron Broker has different limits. This limit is called the "Stop Out Level". For example, when the Stop Out Level is set at 50% by the broker, MetaTrader will automatically close your trade when your margin level reaches 50%, and it will start by closing the trade that is in huge loss. 

Usually, closing a losing position raises the margin level above 50%, as this frees up the position's margin. In other words, the total margin will be lower, and therefore, the margin level will be higher. The system increases the margin level above 50% by closing the most unprofitable position at the beginning. However, if your other positions remain unprofitable and the margin level reaches 50%, the system will also close your other positions.

What should I do if I have a problem with a particular trade?

You can send a ticket and ask for a review of trades that have encountered problems or were closed with conditions contrary to your expectations.

For this purpose, the necessary documents must be provided by the customer:

The client must send the trading account number and the position number along with the description and trading journal of the position in a ticket.

Also, clients can send pictures to better present their problem

The following method can be used to prepare a trading journal:


How can I set or change stop loss or profit limit orders?

Stop Loss order: A stop-loss order helps the trader limit trading losses. If prices move against the trader's prediction, this order will close the trade immediately. The stop-loss order is attached to the "Market" and "Pending" orders. In long orders, the stop-loss order will be activated based on the BID price. In short orders, the stop-loss order will be activated based on the ASK price. "Profit Limit" order or "Take Profit": When the profit reaches a certain level, the profit limit order is activated, and the trade is closed. The "Profit Limit" order of the long trade is usually determined based on the BID price, and the "Profit Limit" order of the short trade is determined based on the ASK price. Method: You can set "Stop Loss" / "Take Profit" in the order window. Select the "New Order" command from the "Trade" tab and determine your profit and loss limit according to your position. To change the profit limit or loss limit in the trade tab, right-click/touch on your open trade and select the "Modify" or "Delete" option. Once the order has reached the predetermined price, you cannot change or remove the Stop Loss / Take Profit condition.

Why does my trade open with a negative amount?

It might be due to calculating the spread or price difference between supply and demand.

"Spread" refers to the difference between the buy and sell price.

The difference between the price offered by the buyer and the price provided by the seller is called the bid-ask spread.

When there's a wider spread, that means there's a bigger difference between the two prices, so there's usually less liquidity and more volatility here. On the other hand, a lower spread indicates low volatility and high liquidity. Therefore, the price will bear a smaller spread when trading a currency pair with a tighter spread.

What site can I use to analyze my trades?

You can use its special services to analyze trading symbols by registering on the Aron Charts site.


Aron Charts is a financial charting platform that helps professional financial market traders make well-informed decisions.

You can also use the following channels and groups:

Academy Group


Aron Broker Groups' TradingView page


Is it possible to scalp?

Scalping is a type of intraday trading strategy in which traders aim to make a small profit, usually a few tenths of a percent. A scalper seeks to make small profits at minor intervals. Due to the low spread, traders can easily scalp trades in all Aron Broker accounts.

What withdrawal methods can I use?

IRT exchange methods, Tether to two platforms of TRC20 and BEP20 (BSC), Perfect Money.

What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal by:

Online dollar platforms (Perfect Money): Equivalent to 20 to 2000 dollars (Maximum Perfect Money of 3000 dollars)

IRT exchange platform: One million to one hundred million IRT

Tether digital currency: Equivalent to 20 dollars to 7000 dollars

 Iraqi exchange: Equivalent to 20 dollars to 2000 dollars


Withdrawal limits

Clients can withdraw crypto once a day with the amount equivalent to a 10,000 USD limit.

Clients can withdraw from IRT Exchange once a day with a 100 million limit.

Withdraw using Perfect Money and ADVcash is possible once a day with a 3000 dollar limit.

Should I pay a fee for withdrawal?

Withdrawal by the IRT exchange method includes a 1% fee with a minimum of 1 dollar (or its equivalent). Withdrawal by Tether method includes a 0.3% fee. Withdrawals by Perfect Money methods include a fee of 0.3% (or at least $1).

Can I withdraw through a third party?

According to the rules, using third parties to withdraw is impossible. There is no limit to digital currencies and Perfect Money in this regard; however, it is the person's responsibility.

How can I withdraw from my account?

To withdraw money, go to the “Asset” and “Withdraw” sections, then select the payment method.
Select “Payment Details”, then enter the withdrawal details and click on “Continue” in the next step, enter the amount you want to withdraw and “Confirm” your withdrawal.
After entering the “Payment Details”, check and select your “Payment Details” carefully, then proceed with the withdrawal.
The payment details may take up to one hour to review and verify before the customer can withdraw.

Can I use a different method when withdrawing than when depositing?

Yes, you can. Deposits and withdrawals can be made on all platforms.

Can I withdraw if I have an open position?

For traders who have an "Open Transaction", their minimum Margin should be as follows to withdraw money:

The minimum margin level for all trading accounts is 100%.

ECN account's Margin is 10%.

How can I cancel my withdrawal request?

First, please note that if the transaction is confirmed, you cannot cancel the request. Only pending withdrawals can be cancelled.
To cancel a withdrawal, go to the “Profile” section in the “User Panel” and click on the “Cancellation” request.
Complete the “Withdrawal Cancellation” form and then “Register” the form; your withdrawal will be cancelled within one working day.

Why was my withdrawal request cancelled?

Your application may be cancelled for one of the following reasons: More fee deductions due to: Registering a withdrawal without transaction and investment In case of violations Premature withdrawal from “Aron saving” or “Aron Fund” and breach of contract. Other issues: A margin lower than the required margin level of the trading accounts, The account details must be in the trader's name on exchange platforms, including Visa and Mastercard. * If your withdrawal is rejected, you must have received an email from the brokereexplaining Also, the trader can see the withdrawal's approval or disapproval in the “Dashboard” and through the “Transaction History.” If the withdrawal is not approved, the traders can refer to the support team for the necessary explanations about the reasons for the rejection.

How long does it take to process my withdrawal?

Withdrawal by the Tether method is done within one hour and one working day.
Other methods may take between one and three working days.

Why can’t I withdraw? There is an error when clicking on the withdrawal option.

To request a withdrawal, you must verify your identity on the site, and your account must be approved beforehand.
Also, in case of customer violations, the possibility of withdrawal may be turned off temporarily or permanently, in which case the customer will be informed by sending a ticket.

When can I withdraw money from my Aron saving account?

Withdrawing from Aron saving is possible from 00:01 AM on Sundays to 11:59 PM on Mondays; you can request a withdrawal or money transfer using the available methods. Note that withdrawals from Aron saving are possible since the last deposit to it. If the withdrawal is within 30 days of your deposit, a 4% fee will be charged; otherwise, withdrawals are commission-free.

When can I withdraw from the Investment Fund account?

Withdrawal from the fund account will be possible after closing the purchase position of your stock.
Also, note that withdrawing money from the fund account earlier than opening means closing the transaction earlier, and a 4% early withdrawal fee will apply, so you will not be charged any interest.

What should I do to track my withdrawal?

To track your withdrawal, contact the support team after the stated time has passed.
Also, to track the transaction hash of Tether withdrawals, register your request by referring to the user panel and profile and clicking on the transaction hash request option so that the transaction hash will be sent to you after payment.

How should I proceed to withdraw profit from Prop accounts?

For this purpose, after the prementioned time in each type of prop account, you can send a ticket and send the request to deposit the profit.
The result of the review will be sent through a ticket.

I had deposited Tether, and now I am withdrawing it. Why is there a difference between the amount of deposit and withdrawal?

"It should be noted that the base currency of a broker's trading accounts is only IRT and Dollars. (Base currency is USD) For this reason, when a customer deposits in Tether or any other digital currency, the deposit currency is converted to the account's base currency, and the conversion rate is applied." When the customer intends to withdraw from the account's base currency to the currency requested by the customer, the exchange rate will be applied. A rope always has a higher value than a dollar, so you will receive more dollars by depositing a tether. Also, when withdrawing in Tether, you will receive less Tether due to the lower value of dollars than Tether. For example, by depositing 1,000 Tether, you may receive the equivalent of $1,010, but by withdrawing 1000 dollars, you will receive 980 Tether. (This is an example, and the numbers are hypothetical)

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposits of the platform types are as follows: Ziraat Bank : $100 IRT platform (IRT exchange): One million IRT (In case of a IRT deposit exceeding 50 million IRT, you should first inform the support team) In other methods, the minimum deposit is $50.

Do you have to pay a fee to deposit?

Depositing money in the following methods has a fee, and other methods are free of fees:
Ziraat Bank at the rate of 3% commission.

How can I charge my account? / What payment methods can I use?

There are different ways to deposit money. Online Exchange: In this method, the trader will be able to deposit IRT without fees through the following bot address: https://T.me/Exchange_AB_bot Online platforms: You can deposit your capital in dollars through online deposit systems such as Perfect Money Transfer Bank: Turkish Ziraat Bank: Depositing all kinds of currency is possible, but the deposit will be converted to Turkish lira and then to your account's base currency. Digital Currency: All digital currencies and platforms are available on the website and user panel.

How long does it take to process deposits?

Crypto deposit is instant, but it may take 30 to 45 minutes. In other methods, the deposit may take one hour and, at most, one working day. Note that the working hours are from 10:00 am to 18:00 country time. Also, if there is a problem, the customers will be informed through an email and a ticket.

Can I deposit from a country other than my country of residence?

Yes, you can. Traders can make deposits anywhere in the world using the following methods.
Online platforms: You can deposit your capital in dollars through online deposit systems such as Perfect Money Bank Transfer: Ziraat Bank
Digital Currency: All digital currencies and platforms are available on the website and user panel.

Can I make my deposit through a third party?

According to the rules, deposits through a third party are not accepted and will be returned after receiving them. However, third-party deposits can be made through digital currency platforms or Mastercard.

Why was my deposit request cancelled?

Your application may be cancelled for one of the following reasons:
Failure to complete the transfer form due to lack of signature, tracking number, unclear text, or not writing requested phrases
Mismatch of the sent card number with the deposit receipt
Deposit from third parties in banking and online platforms
Failure to send valid documents
Creating fake documents in the deposit application
Failure to send receipts and documents correctly
Inconsistency of the entered amount with the deposited amount

Bank Transfer:
Deposit from a third party
Failure to load the deposit slip
Inconsistency of the entered amount with the deposited amount

Online Platform:
Failure to register receipt
Not having the necessary information like a tracking number, destination wallet number, date and time, and amount.
Inconsistency of the entered amount with the deposited amount
Illegibility of the deposited receipt

Digital Currencies:
Not having the necessary information like hash number, destination wallet number, date and time, or amount.
Inconsistency of the entered amount with the deposited amount
Failure to choose the correct deposit method according to the deposit currency

My deposit has been declined; what should I do?

If your deposit is rejected, a message containing the reasons for non-approval will be sent to your email.
You can also contact the support team if you need more details.

What is the maximum deposit per platform?

In some platforms, such as cryptos, there is no deposit limit.

In other methods, there is a daily deposit limit. To check the daily deposit limit of each platform, go to the "Deposit" section in the "User Panel", select the payment method, and check the maximum deposit amount. Also, if you intend to deposit more than 50 million IRT through domestic exchanges, you should consult our customer support about choosing the right exchange.

Are there bonuses for deposits?

If you deposit at least 50 dollars—or its equivalent in other currencies—directly into your trading accounts, the available bonuses will be activated automatically.
However, if no bonus has been allocated to your account, refrain from trading, send your request, and wait to trade until you receive the result.
Note that in case of any money transfer and withdrawal within 30 days of the bonus allocation and any stop-out, the bonus will be automatically removed.

I made a deposit, but it was not automatically added to my account. What should I do?

If you have deposited money through different platforms, but your deposit has not been completed, contact the support team and provide the necessary documents:
Crypto deposits: Provide the transaction hash link + customer email + trading account number + the payment method.
Other methods: To contact online support, provide the transaction account number, customer email, image of deposit receipt, and tracking number.

How can I transfer money through my trading accounts?

Select the "Assets" option from the "Dashboard" section and then click on "Money Transfer" within the displayed options.
On the created page, select the sender in the upper box and the receiver in the lower box. Then, go to the next step and register the desired amount of money to transfer. Finally, don't forget to "Confirm."

Are there any restrictions on internal transfers?

No, there isn't. Internal transfers between wallets, trading accounts, and saving accounts are unlimited in any trader's dashboard.

Do you charge a commission for internal transfers?

No, we don't. Any internal transfer from wallet to trading account/saving/fund or vice versa is done on each trader's dashboard without deducting any fees. Only when converting currencies should the trader consider paying the exchange rate. For example, the conversion of dollars to Tether is not one-to-one and includes the conversion rate.

How long does it take to process an internal transfer?

Transfers between accounts and wallets take less than a few seconds.
Note that due to the wallet's deactivation, it is only possible to transfer funds from the wallet to other trading accounts and withdraw from them.

Is it possible to transfer from one client to another’ account within the broker?

Yes, you can transfer money from your trading account to the desired customer's trading account by visiting the "User Panel" and selecting "Transfer to Another Client" from the "Asset" section.
This transfer would take about one hour or a maximum of one working day, including a 0.5% transfer fee.
Note that when transferring assets between two, the client who receives the money will not receive a bonus for this deposit, as only direct deposits will be awarded a bonus.

Why was the internal transfer between two customers canceled and rejected?

If the client account needs more money to provide the required margin, any transfer to another account or clients will be canceled.
Also, if the customer intends to transfer money to another customer's account but the second customer has not successfully verified their account yet, the money will not be transferred, and this transaction will be canceled.