Aron is here with the New Year festival Aron is here with the New Year festival Aron is here with the New Year festival

Aron is here with the New Year festival

As the New Year approaches, Aron Groups provides trades with an opportunity to earn more profit and rewards. If you are not yet Aron’s client and are looking for an opportunity to experience forex, it is better to add starting forex trading to your to-do list in 2024.
  If you want to start the New Year with a different investment, forex is a good choice. Just spend the remaining days of 2023 getting information about Aron’s new plan and, by taking the necessary actions, be one of the winners of Aron’s Wonderland plan. In the following, we will introduce you to how to participate in this plan and its valuable rewards. Remember that in this plan, you have the opportunity to trade without needing a budget. To find out about this, read the article; you will find valuable tips in the awards section.


The Wonderland Plan

This plan will start on December 12, 2023, at 00:01 Iran time and will be available to you throughout the holidays. To participate in this plan, you must choose one of the standard VIP or Nano trading accounts after registering with Aron Group’s broker.
 Next, follow the accounts of this broker on Social Media. Follow Aron Group’s Farsi account and Farsi, English, and Arabic Academy; then, you should find the New Year post in these accounts and story it. Comment #AronWonderLand below this post and tag two people for more chances to win the valuable prizes of this project.
  The important thing about this plan is that you have to enter the trade after opening the account. Yes, this scheme is intended to make you a trader, and you won’t be rewarded until you have made a total trade in the market. You must create at least five complete open and closed trades in the market to be listed as eligible for the draw.
  If you are not ready to trade, take the opportunity and try some simple trades in the remaining days using the demo account. These trades are the beginning of your forex career, so take these trades seriously. Maybe you will taste the sweetness of forex profit in these first five trades. After making deals and following Aron on Social Media, you should prepare for the draw.

Selection of winners

Aron Groups will select a winner each week after the draw begins. The draw is held on weekends, and the winner will be notified of the result within 48 hours and can claim the prize.
 Winners must make a selfie video of themselves and send it to Aron. Aron can also continue to use this video as content on Social Media or other platforms and introduce you as a lucky winner to other Aron users.

List of awards

Your most important motivation for reading this article is to see the awards; in this section, we introduce you to the valuable awards of this broker. You can be one of the four main winners of this festival.
This plan will be implemented in 4 weeks, and there will be a draw at the end of each week.
⦁ The prize for the first person in the first week is a Samsung Ultra S22 mobile phone.
⦁ The prize for the first person in the second week is an Xbox.
⦁ The prize for the third week is a PlayStation 5 device.
⦁ The prize of the fourth week is a 12-inch Microsoft Surface.
2nd to 10th place every week will also receive a trading account with 100 dollars credit with 100 leverage that can be a great start to your next deal.

Wonderland plon rules

Aron Groups has considered the rules for this project so that the participants can participate in the lottery in a healthy environment and benefit from the prizes.
As the first point, you should know that the prizes that are awarded to the second to tenth people every week are actually a standard trading account of hedging type, which is provided to you with a leverage of 100. The credit you receive in this account is subject to loss. So start trading seriously and keep in mind that with 100 leverage, you can create an initial trading credit worth 10,000 dollars with just 100 dollars, and if successful, change your professional life in forex.
Remember that the credit granted to you in the hedging account is non-withdrawal and is intended for trading purposes only. You have 30 days to use this credit, after which the credit will be automatically deducted from your account.
The broker removes credit when the account reaches the stop-out level. If you plan to deposit to a trading account, you should also know that the deposit brings you a 10% bonus. In this case, you will be rewarded up to 750 dollars from Aron.
Trading account balance is indeed a gift that cannot be withdrawn, but if you enter into a transaction with this balance, you can withdraw the profit from the transaction. If you have deposited an amount into the account, you can withdraw it without any restrictions. If you try to withdraw the gift credit, the credit will be removed from your account.

Join Arongroups of 300,000 people
Join Arongroups of 300,000 people

A Different year

The year 2024 is filled with different events in the financial market, and it is an excellent start to enter forex. To create a level playing field, Aron allows each user to participate in this plan only once. If a person tries to register and re-participate in the plan using someone else’s information, he will be dealt with.
Aaron has the right to deal with the violators if he sees a violation. The guilty person may face the blocking of the account or the payment of a fine, or he may be permanently banned from receiving Aaron’s services.

New year investment

Forex is a market full of bright opportunities, and it is better to increase your knowledge about this market in the last days of 2023. Then, be fully prepared to trade in forex during the implementation of this plan.
The first person will receive valuable prizes every week, and the second to tenth people will also get a $100 trading account with 100 leverage, which is an opportunity to start trading in forex without the need for a budget.
Try a trading strategy in the market operating a demo account and set a specific schedule for your trading in the market to make the most of this valuable gift.

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