Do not miss the 30% Deposit Bonus Do not miss the 30% Deposit Bonus Do not miss the 30% Deposit Bonus

Do not miss the 30% Deposit Bonus

We are proud to provide you with another fantastic plan. Ready for the big news? We are ready to surprise you with 10 days of glory and extra bonus. Have not traded in Forex; it is the best time to get help from the broker, and we are not talking about leverage. We are discussing the infinite possibilities of investing in Forex with Aron’s plan.
Aron Group Broker has always considered fantastic bonuses for its clients. The infinity bonus is a %10 bonus but we have decided to give it rise for 10 days. The infinity bonus is about to rise to 30% to support Aron’s clients.
In the following, we will discuss everything from the terms and conditions of this plan, and to increase your chances if you’re ready to enjoy extra credit, stay tuned to learn everything about the 30% deposit bonus of the new plan.

Join Arongroups of 300,000 people
Join Arongroups of 300,000 people

When and how

The infinity bonus plan starts on September 9, 2023, at 00:01 and lasts until September 20, 2023, at 23:59 Iran time. Write down the date and time, and be ready to use this fabulous opportunity. You might wonder about the terms and conditions of this plan. What type of traders would be qualified to use the infinity bonus? Is there any specific consideration? Does it matter to be a newbie or an old-time trader to use the plan? In the following, we will answer all of your questions.

The infinity bonus is designed for

First, you must have already signed up in Aron and made your first deposit to use the Infinity plan because this plan is designed for second deposit makers.
Only traders directly deposited into your Nano, Standard, and VIP trading accounts can request to use the infinity bonus. Usually, the bonus will be added to your trading account right after making a deposit, but if this is not the case, send your request, and our customer service will take care of it.
Remember that we are talking about making it deposit directly to your trading account, which means depositing into your wallet or transferring money from your wallet to a trading account is not included in this plan.
As you might know, we have provided a welcome bonus for newbies and traders who have just started to deposit into their trading accounts. Considering that the infinity bonus is designed for the second deposit of each trader.


Is there any limitation to the deposit

To use the infinity bonus, you are required to deposit at least $50 or its equivalents. A bonus will be added to your trading account as a losable credit, which you cannot withdraw.
Remember that we are considering the infinity bonus to support and motivate our clients and to help them get into the market and start trading Forex. In this plan, we are providing clients with trading credits. You can use the credit to enter trades within 30 days. After that, the credit will be deleted from your trading account.
If your credit account reaches the stop-out level, the credit will be deleted.

30% Deposit Bonus

Important consideration

We are trying our best to make a fair competition and provide equal opportunities for our clients.
If you make transfers or withdrawals from the trading account you used in this plan, the credit will automatically be deleted from your trading balance.
The maximum bonus for each trading account is 750 dollars or its equivalents.
Remember that we reserve the right to refuse to provide trading services to violators. Those who violate or abuse the rules will be dealt with by blocking the balance of the trading account, determining fines, and banning the broker’s services.


Forex is a risky business

Before making a deposit and trying to use the infinity plan, you need to understand that trading Forex is a lucrative and risky Business. As you are provided with leverage, the risk of trading Forest is even higher than any other market, which can result in losing capital. Beware of risks involved in Forex trading and always start trading with small positions and try to enter the market with the amount of money that will not damage you in case of losing it.
Remember that using leverage is not a great strategy for everyone. You need to learn the market upside-downs before using leverage. Forex prices fluctuate constantly, which can wipe out your entire capital. So, we recommend using every possible information you can learn before making a trading decision. Test your trading ideas and strategies using Aron’s demo account before entering a real trade. And if you have any questions concerning your active positions or your trading strategy, consult with financial experts.

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