No Deposit Bonus No Deposit Bonus No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus

Aron Groups Broker has a special offer for its customers. If you live in one of the MENA countries and are looking for a broker to start forex trading, it is better not to miss the opportunity and register at Aron Groups within the specified time frame.
Those who register with this broker within a certain period will receive a special bonus, a bonus that will make it very easy and sweet for them to start trading. If you have not yet experienced participation with the best broker in the Mena region, it is better not to miss the opportunity. Stay tuned to get to know the details of this amazing plan.

No deposit bonus scheme details

This project will continue for 10 days from October 17th to October 26th. You can take advantage of this 10-day golden period to register at Aron Broker. Those who complete their registration within this period will have a chance to receive the prize.
Most likely, you want to know more about the award, but it is better to go through the terms of this plan so that you can get to know the award yourself.

After registering in Aron’s broker, you need to create a demo account with the name NDB. The NDB is a Netting account and is provided to you with an initial balance of 50 dollars and the possibility of using 200 leverage.
As you know, demo accounts are designed for gaining experience, and the initial balance and leverage that are considered allow you to enter trades without worrying about losing assets and increase your experience in the forex market. This demo account has no limit in terms of volume, and you can enter the trade freely.
After registering and opening a demo account, it is time to start trading. To be one of the top traders of this plan, you must create at least 20 open or closed trades using this demo account. It should be noted that you cannot have this chance by opening and closing trades immediately.

You should spend at least 3 minutes on each trade. Do not forget that trading using a demo account is a great opportunity to gain experience. So, regardless of the reward, seize this opportunity and put your trading ideas to the test.

No Deposit Bonus


So far in the article, we have talked about this plan that is designed for the customers of the Middle East countries. If you live in the Mena region, you can use this opportunity to register and start trading in Aron Broker. Of course, keep in mind that this plan is not available for customers in the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Turkey, Yemen, and Libya.

It should be noted that as a trader, you only have one chance to participate in this plan. The NDB demo account provided to you will be closed after the end of 10 days, and all trades will end automatically. Finally, the account will be archived Because this account is specially designed for this plan. You will be informed about this process by sending a ticket.

It’s time for a reward

Now that you have respected and followed all the terms and conditions of this scheme as a trader, it is time to learn about the bonus.
Among the traders who participate in this plan, a netting nano trading account with a balance of $25 will be given to the top 500 traders. The trading leverage of this account is 500. You can trade using this account and withdraw the initial deposit or profit from trades at any time without any restrictions.

Of course, receiving a nano account can take between 3 and 7 days because the broker must check all the conditions and then provide the account to the appropriate people.
Important notes
If you want to win this scheme, it is better to follow all the terms and conditions. It is necessary to know that if eligible people want to withdraw the account balance without trading, they will be subject to the No Trade Law and pay a 3% fee.
If you deposit to your main account while participating in this plan, the broker will reward you with a 10% infinity bonus up to $750.
Broker Aron Groups will deal with those people who try to violate and abuse the rules of the plan in any way. If a trader misleads a broker by providing wrong information, he must wait for his account to be blocked or to be banned from providing broker services.

Join Arongroups of 300,000 people
Join Arongroups of 300,000 people

In the end

Participating in the no-deposit bonus plan is a great opportunity to register and start trading and, of course, earn rewards. But before you start trading in the forex market, it is better to share this point with you. Forex is very risky because of the market leverage that can destroy all your capital. If you do not have enough information about this market, it is better to start investing with a demo account and start trading without real money. In this way, you will gain some experience and prepare for the real market.

Note that the Forex market is very volatile, and even if you are successful in a trade, you cannot necessarily introduce yourself as a successful trader. You will always need a detailed strategy and consultation with financial experts. Considering the risks, prioritize education and enter the market with knowledge.

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