About Us

About Us

At Aron Groups Broker, we strive on transforming the conventional forex industry to allow everyone to trade and invest.

Our Story & Vision

After several successful years in financial market and gold bullion market with thousands of satisfied clients in Middle East, Aron Groups expanded globally to provide a client-centric trading and investment opportunity for everyone.

The opportunities in the global capital markets are open to everyone. And we believe that everyone has the ability to turn their dreams into reality. That’s why we’re focused on helping you to become a successful investor and trader.

We believe in simplicity, from transparent pricing to insightful analysis and commentary on financial markets. Our trading tools, trading platforms, educational services are intuitive and innovative. You need the right information to make the right decisions. Hence, everything you need to navigate the global markets is at your fingertips.

Our business strategy is focused on customers, that`s why we offer lowest fees and competitive spread in the market.

What are our activities and goals?

Customer satisfaction with Aron Groups and their demand to operate in global markets has determined us to achieve our goals; In the first stage, we have provided the most popular and advanced analytical trading platform in the world (MT5) to our customers.

Another important goal of Aron Groups is to supply the most profitable Tomans trading products, namely molten gold and coins, as the first Tomans symbols in the global financial arena, which has been achieved in Aron Groups Broker.

We tried to expand our innovations at the same time as entering the global arena, including the introduction of the dollar currency pair to the toman. With this product, for the first time, all traders from all over the world can access it.

Given that financial markets are dynamic markets, we also aim to provide customers with the safest, easiest and fastest ways to operate in this market. Numerous deposit and withdrawal methods, informing of events affecting financial markets, complete training from the beginning, consulting, analysis and presentation of trading signals, offering incentive plans and bonuses, inviting customers to attend training groups and success, etc. The goals of the broker are Aron Groups, which is a continuation of our previous activities.

It is enough to be interested in working in the financial markets, we will provide you with everything you need to start and continue working. From basic training and skills to support in all stages of trading, we will be by your side.

We seek to satisfy you with the services we, provide to further develop these services and provide you with a profitable trading environment by facilitating a secure trading environment, and we will soon be with you by providing Forex tools, commodities and digital currencies. .


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