Aron Groups IB Plan

IB Introduction

IB is the abbreviation for Introducing Broker.

IB could be a good opportunity for traders to gain profit from the activity of their subsidiaries in addition to their own trading.

As an Introducer, you just need to introduce clients to the broker and the broker will reward you for that. Each time a trader you introduced, conducts a trade, you will receive a commission. As long as your subsidiaries continue trading you will be receiving commissions.

Note: Your subsidiary doesn’t have to be profitable for you to receive commission. They just need to be active, and you will be receiving a commission based on volume and number of their trades.

Why IB? Forex is an amazing world to make money. IB is one of easy yet profitable ways to have a reliable income. You can make money without any knowledge about trading, by participating in Aron Groups IB plan.

You just need to register in Aron Groups and become an IB member. An invitation link will be sent to you, which you can send to your friends.

IB is a way to systematically support groups of people such as bloggers, influencers in social media and Forex teachers towards making profit in Forex.

Introduction of IB incentive plan

Traders can invite their friends and benefit from incentive prizes through the referral link that is provided to them after registering and opening an account.

Why join Aron Group Broker IB?

1. In Aron Group’s broker, you also receive transaction commissions in Zulu, Binance, sport cfd accounts

2. In Aron Groups broker, you will receive commission on commission-free symbols such as XAUUSD and EURUSD

3. With the increase of transactions and activities of your sub-sets, your payment will also increase

4. Participating in Aron Group’s IB project is very easy and fast and can be done in only two steps

5. 24-hour support and direct communication with the manager of the IB department

IB registration process

1. Registration and authentication.

2. Submitting a request regarding participation in IB plan and receiving invitation link through the user panel.

3. Introducing actively trading friends.

Note: For further information about IB plan, contact Aron Groups support team through the Telegram ID @arongroupsbot

Commission table for IB members

Categorizing introducers in IB plan based on level, volume of trades and subsidiaries.

Payment Methods of Aron Groups

Deposit or withdraw in any way you like