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Introducing and Downloading MetaTrader 5

Successful trading in the financial markets starts with a simple yet complete platform. MetaTrader 5 is the best choice for today’s traders.

MetaTrader 5 is a product of MetaQuotes, which was launched in 2010 after MetaTrader 4.

MetaTrader is an analytics-trading platform that has become popular as a comprehensive and powerful platform in the Forex, stock and futures markets by offering a wide range of scripts and expert software to facilitate trading.

Aron Groups broker allows you to install both desktop and mobile versions of MetaTrader 5 which you can trade in both ways at the same time. By opening real and demo accounts, you can use your completely personal space in several languages of the world, including Persian, for trading.

Numerous MetaTrader services have made its performance so extensive that it can be considered a platform with almost unlimited capabilities.Millions of people around the world have chosen it because of its unique benefits.With special features, MetaTrader enables users to operate in a flexible trading system.The capabilities of its powerful trading systems include showing the depth of the market, the possibility of ordering, trading with separate accounts, and trading simultaneously in two directions (having both buy and sell positions at the same time).With a variety of ordering types, traders can have any trading strategy for successful operation in the financial markets.

MetaTrader analytics tools allow trading charts to be displayed in 21 timeframes with all minor price movements.In addition, more than 80 technical indicators and analytical tools are available to users by default.

Fundamental analysis is another tool that MetaTrader offers to predict the price movements of trading instruments.News reports from international news agencies are placed directly on this platform, which you can use to increase the level of your financial information.One of the fundamental tools is the economic calendar.

These are just some of the attractions of MetaTrader 5.If you want to use all the capabilities of this platform, join Aron Groups Broker to get the opportunity to trade in the financial markets with the most advanced trading platform.

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You can use the following links to download Metatrader 5

How To Install Meta Trader 5

1. Download the installation file of Meta trader

2. After the download is complete, Double click on the downloaded file in exe format.

3. After complete installation, click on the Aron Groups MT5 icon to open MetaTrader 5 Aron Groups

4. After entering your username, password and selecting AronGroups server, you can trading with MT5

Payment Methods of Aron Groups

Deposit or withdraw in any way you like