What is forex expo?

Dubai forex expo 2022

Every year, all specialized fields have different scientific seminars so that experts in various fields can interact and help each other progress. Financial markets are included in the same category. Every year, many investors, CRM providers, liquidity providers, trading software providers, white label providers, blockchain companies, traders, and brokers participate in Forex Expo to interact and share their experiences. As you know, Forex is the central pillar of financial markets, and its importance can never be ignored. For example, if you want to have a successful investment, Forex is the best option with a strong resume.

You’re mistaken if you think Forex Expo is a simple and luxurious financial conference. At this economic conference, you can be present as an audience and express the new ideas you have in your head to others. You can never consider the speakers’ talks boring because this event’s primary goal is to interact as much as possible with each other. If you are the CEO of a forex broker, you can meet the best liquidity providers there. If you are an investor, you can meet successful and prominent traders and learn about new brokers’ services. If you are a trader and you want to express your new findings in the field of trading, your audience is there and impatiently waiting for your talk. If you are considered a novice trader, you can benefit from findings that cannot be found in any book or article. In simple words, this event is the gathering place of the main components of the financial community.

Why Dubai?

It is tough to imagine that Dubai was a place of merchants, fishermen, and pearl fishermen until a few generations ago. The truth is that Dubai gained its current growth and popularity after the independence of the UAE and the start of oil exports. If we want to name the development factors of Dubai, the first one is the strong spirit of the people, and the next one is the immigration of people from all over the world. Despite Dubai’s rapid growth and modernization, what makes it unique is its ability to stay true to local culture, religion, and traditions. Dubai is a paradox in every sense.

Along with very modern cars and incredible skyscrapers, you will see traces of local culture in Dubai. The most important principle that makes Dubai a perfect city is the presence of immigrants. When we talk about immigrants, we do not mean homeless or low-level people who migrated to Dubai hope of finding a better life, but we mean immigrants who are specialists in various things. Dubai has been able to have a special place among tourists by adopting prudent policies regarding urban management. PlanetWare.com describes Dubai’s Parks and Resorts in a way that embraces both Eastern and Western culture like no other entertainment complex. The theme parks do offer something for all ages. Bollywood Park is the Disneyland of the Indian movie industry, with rides based on some of the more popular movies. Motiongate takes a leaf out of Universal Studio’s playbook with rides based on Tinsletown’s major blockbusters. Legoland Dubai caters the young visitors with interactive rides to entertain the little ones. While the area is a must-visit for tourists, they also have annual passes available for locals.

The number one reason why tourists flock to Dubai is its reputation for world-class shopping. The city’s malls and marketplaces carry an impressive range of goods and attract millions of visitors yearly. They come from Europe, the Middle East, North America, and India. Those who look to experience the culture while shopping love to visit Dubai’s souks. The Gold Souk and the Spice Souks are two of the more frequented souks and offer tourists a chance to try out their bargaining skills in the traditional style of the Middle East. It’s the perfect way to experience the souk shopping experience. Dubai has taken all the advantages and positive features of each country as its model and implemented them. There is no cultural prejudice in Dubai, and even though people from all over the world live in Dubai, no protest has ever been registered regarding non-compliance with rights.

Dubai as a financial hub

When we talk about a financial hub, we mean a city or a country where inflation is at the lowest level, the business structure is in line with global markets, and investing in that city or country is considered a smart option. The most important factors that make Dubai a financial hub are the existence of countless opportunities and incentive plans in the field of various businesses. In addition to oil, the government system of the UAE is arranged in such a way that its focus is on increasing the number of investors. The amount of time required to start a business in Dubai is equivalent to five days, which is a competitive time compared to other countries in the region. In addition, the existence of incentive schemes helps increase investors’ attraction. Among these plans, it is possible to mention receiving minimum tax from people active in the field of oil and oil companies. The next plan is the existence of investment funds with a very high rate of return, attracting investors from all over the world.

Many may think that Dubai is only focused on oil and businesses such as exports. Interestingly, Dubai had the largest startup company in the Middle East, where many countries cooperate in this field. The work of this company is to invest in and operate startups that need support.


Like any seminar, Forex Expo is also held to inform and interact with other forex stakeholders. According to the mentioned things, we expect to face an extraordinary conference regarding financial markets. This meeting is considered a win-win game. The first is gaining experience and meeting experts in the financial markets, and the second is the location of this meeting in a city that attracts everyone’s attention.

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