Can I trade forex without a broker?

If the question Can I trade forex without a broker often pops up with you, you are in the right place. But before asking that question, you should ask about forex itself to see if it is possible to get around this market as a retail trader.

The short answer to that mind-blowing question is yes, it is possible, and no, it is not advised.

Here we will dig up some reasons you should stick to the brokers. And if you are unhappy with your broker, you need a new one. Go for the ones that will charge low fees. And if by any chance you do know any low-fee brokers, take a look at Aron Groups to see what you have lost.

There are so many different brokers in the market, and the number grows yearly. But what is Forex, and why do you need to trade with a Forex broker?

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What is forex?

The most interesting fact about forex is that it is decentralized, which means you don\t need to be in a specific country or access a particular market. All you need to have is a currency. And no matter what type of currency you are holding on to, someone always needs that. So, in the short term, whenever you are trading or exchanging one currency for another, you are trading in the forex market.

Forex is a blended word derived from foreign exchange. Forex trading or foreign exchange trading is simply trading one currency for another, and you can do it wherever you like. Remember that this type of trading has been around for hundreds of years.

To participate in the market, you do not need to go to an exchange; you can trade currency in a post office, bank, or airport. Since there are many ways to exchange currencies, so in theory, you do not need to go to a broker to trade but don’t jump to a conclusion and stay tuned to see what will happen if you trade forex without a broker.

What happens if you trade on your own?

As we have mentioned, you can always trade or exchange foreign currencies without a broker, but it doesn’t mean that you do need a broker. Here we will discuss why you should use a broker to trade profitably.

best spreads

Spread is what makes trade profitable. Spread is the price difference between the price broker buys and sells currencies. If you buy a currency with a high spread, you are not buying it at its actual price, meaning parts of the profits will be eaten away.

Brokers, compare to you, have access to enough liquidity, bank rates, and the whole market while you might be in an airport with few possible traders. So the broker can always get the best spread on the market, and if you are at an airport, you are getting a different price for the same currency. So assuming you are in forex trading to make a profit, you should stick to regulated brokers like Aron Groups that offer low spread.

How many currencies you can find in an airport?

Let’s face it we are talking about a waste market with so many pairs; forex is more than just a market for the major pairs like GBPUSD and EURUSD. We call pairs with a USD pairing a major one, but there are so many different currencies in the world.

When exchanging foreign currencies in an airport, you are limited to currencies of destination cities for available flights, which are a few. So, if you are planning to access a greater market, you need a broker.

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Trading on your own; goodbye leverage trading

One of the most astonishing services that a broker provides you is leverage. Leverage trading means bringing capital, and the broker multiplies it so you can enter large trade.

 Let’s say you are still in that airport struggling with that question: Can I trade forex without a broker? And some say yes, how much do you have to trade? Look at yourself. You are all alone, and all the capital you can invest is yours. No one would trust you to borrow money from you.

 When you are dealing with a broker, you can enjoy leverage trading. The broker will allow you to use, for example, 10x your capital. It means you have a better chance of getting more profit.

 But remember that many call leverage a double-edged sword that can cut all you have invested and even more. Do not be tempted with leverage cause lose everything along with that trade. So if you will use leverage, save it for a perfect trading idea.

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Who got your back

 Trading on your own, you are literally on your own without any support or peace of mind. A regulated broker like Aron Groups has perfect education, the right algorithm, tools, and 24/7 support.

Besides, your success determines the broker’s future, so it will keep you from losing everything just in one position. To do so, the broker will use margin and hard stops to close your position when things go south.

Advantages of trading without a broker

Do not be excited; there is none. Don’t reinvent the wheel; remember you do not need to overcomplicate things and avoid brokers; since you do not have direct access like banks, you could take your chances and use a forex broker.

 Trading in forex, you are trading in the riskiest and the most liquid market in the world, so you need all the possible benefits to have a fruitful investment.

Join Arongroups of 300,000 people
Join Arongroups of 300,000 people

How to find a good broker?

 We both agree that using a forex broker is the best way to trade in forex. It would be best if you were looking for a good broker. We have been looking and found Aron Groups easy to navigate and informative. So, no matter how well-trained you are, you can find the right information within the platform. The first rule in finding a broker is to look for a regulated one that will keep your investment safe.

In a nutshell

As you know, it is possible to trade without a forex broker since forex means exchanging foreign currencies, and you can do it everywhere. Anytime as long as there is a buyer or seller for the currencies you are holding onto. However, trading on your own, you will miss the benefits of using a broker, including leverage trading, low spread, and support.

Considering all the benefits of using a broker, you only need to ask how to be a profitable trader because you have Aron Group, a regulated broker, at your disposal. The next thing to do is trade.

“A Traditional Broker”, Why Is It Problematic?

If you browse the web for bad broker experiences, you will discover 1000s and more entries on forums and blogs. This does not mean that every broker defrauds their clients, but it often happens by accident and sometimes with pure intention!
The most common problems are manipulated charts, unfair bonus conditions or terms of use, hidden fees, and finally, the danger of the broker not paying out your winnings.
The problem here is that the broker only makes a profit when the trader makes a loss (for binary options trading). So, if the majority of traders win most of their trades, the broker loses money!

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