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The Forex market or foreign exchange is a huge network of international currency buyers and sellers. Trailers in this market transfer currencies between each other at an agreed price. Forex is a market for everyone; Banks and individuals use this network to buy, sell or exchange currencies for different purposes.

Everyone willing to convert one currency into another must use foreign exchange. For example, if you have ever traveled abroad, you have made a forex transaction. Some people think that Forex is a specific place with sophisticated traders trading large amounts of currencies, but that’s not true; Forex is not a place nor a particular market, for that matter. Everyone converting a currency into another one is making a forex transaction. As mentioned in the first sentence, Forex is the short form for foreign exchange, so whenever you exchange a foreign currency for another, you’re trading in Forex. The only thing that makes Forex so unique is its purpose. For instance, if you are planning to travel abroad, you need to convert your currencies into another one so you will make a forex transaction in an airport or

at a brokerage. But some people make forex transactions to earn more profits. Every currency experience price movement in a day; for some, it is little. Still, some currencies are extremely volatile, which is the most interesting feature that attracts so many investors to Forex.

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What is Forex?

FX Or Forex trading affects everything in the Global market, from the equipment you import from China to the amount you pay for pasta while vacationing in Italy. The procedure is quite simple a person buys one currency and sells another, and the exchange rate is constantly changing due to the volatility of prices, since the supply and demand are always changing for every currency.

 You can trade all international currencies on foreign exchange 24 hours daily from Monday through Friday. And you will hear about OTC or over-the-counter trading in the Forex, which means by buying or selling a currency in the Forex, you’re not exchanging the physical currency, so they use OTC terms for trading through online platforms and brokerages. But there is another level in the forex market which is called the interbank market belonging to the large banks trading international currencies aiming to hedge, balance sheet more adjustments on behalf of their client.

It is right to say that forex brokers and everyone participating in the foreign exchange network are market makers.

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What Are the Reasons to Choose the Forex Market?

The attraction of the forex market, which creates a daily transaction volume of over 5 trillion dollars in the world, is increasing both in our country and in the world. So, what are the reasons why investors prefer the forex market when there are many alternative investment channels?

Wide range of products: You can trade in many products, from major currencies to developing country currencies, from gold, silver and oil to corn, coffee and cocoa and world market indices.

Market is open 24/5: Due to the time difference in the world, the forex market is open 24/5. The market opens with Australia on Monday night and closes with New York on Friday night, and you can trade in any country session during this period.

Two-way transaction: In many markets, in order to sell a product, you must first own that product, but in the forex market, you can buy or sell any product you want. This feature gives you the advantage of being able to immediately trade in price changes and in the direction you want.

A 24-Hour Market

From Monday morning in Australasia to Friday afternoon in New York, You can trade in the forex market. One of the most important reasons traders love Forex is that it does not close overnight, so it is not important where you are or what time it is; you can always trade Forex because it is always open somewhere in the world. For instance, when Forex closes in Asia, You don’t have access to brokerage in your country. Still, you can always use American brokerage because whenever you want to sleep in Asia, Americans are beginning to trade in Forex. So it is wise to say Forex never sleeps.

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Who Trades in Forex?

 The biggest participants in the forex market are central banks, but there are other participants in this market:

 Central Banks

As the value of currencies are determined based on supply and demand, the central banks are responsible for managing their Nation’s currency. They will maintain the money supply and determine interest rates. They are the only ways to take action to stabilize that country’s currency.

Retail Banks

Retail banks are responsible for a large volume of trades on the interbank market. They exchange currencies with each other on behalf of the clients, that’s our general or organizations.


Cooperations dealing with companies overseas and need to make international transactions, they have to take part in the FX to transfer money abroad for import, export, or services.

Retail Traders

Retail traders are responsible for a much lower volume of forex transactions than the top three. These traders use technical and fundamental analysis to profit from foreign exchange fluctuations.

How do currency markets work?

Every currency is assigned a three-letter code in the forex exchange, like USD, which stands for the US dollar. More than 170 currencies are worldwide, and you will find USD  in most forex trading. And you might be familiar that the second most popular currency in foreign exchange is the euro or EUR. In foreign exchange, currencies are always traded in pairs.

For example, you might see the EUR/USD (Euro versus US dollar). Then it would help if you speculated on the currency’s price to see whether the price of countries currency will rise or fall against the other. Then you can take a position accordingly. In the EUR/USD Currency pair, the EUR is the base currency, and the USD is the counter or the quote currency.

To make a deal on this currency pair, you need to say whether the price of a base currency will rise or the quote currency.

If you speculate EUR will Rise Against the US dollar, you will buy the currency pair, but if you think EUR will forward against the US dollar, you could short or sell the currency pair.

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Types of Forex markets

You can trade in three markets in foreign exchange:

Spot market

If you want to Immediately exchange your currency, your trade will occur at the time it was settled.

Forward Forex Market

If you are looking for the best hedge against inflation, the forward forex market is your best option since you will trade an agreed amount of currency at a point in the future.

Futures Forex Market

The future market is like the forward market, with one basic difference in the future forex market. The two parties use a centralized exchange to be legally binding. So, the market is most liquid than the forward forex market.

What moves the forex market?

Foreign exchange is a vast market containing 170 currencies from different countries worldwide; when the scale is that big, many things can change the price, but most of them the supply and demand is responsible for the price movement. Meet the influencers that derive price fluctuations:

Central Banks

Central banks not only trade in the forex market but also control the money supply Up their own countries, and they have a huge impact on their currency’s price.

 Latest reports

News is a really powerful force and a big market maker. Traders prefer to invest in countries with powerful economies, so if the news says a positive report about a country, they start investing in those countries.

That is why the currencies tend to reflect the reported economic health of the country they belong to.

Market sentiment

The latest reports make questions in your mind, and your sentiments are the answers, which is your reaction to the news and we’ll be a huge marker maker. The whole market will be convinced if the news convinces traders that their favorite currency is headed in a certain direction.

What is leverage in forex trading?

By trading in Aron Groups, you can control a larger exposure with less of your own funds. You can use leverage according to your account type in Aron Groups; in this case, a trader will borrow from the forex broker.

Join Arongroups of 300,000 people
Join Arongroups of 300,000 people

What is spread in Forex? 

The spread is the difference between the purchase price and the sell price, the purchase price or the Bid price is above the market price, and the selling price or the asking price is below the market price.

Pros and cons of Forex trading

Forex can be intimidating for the following three reasons:

  • Forex is Open 24 hours a day, from Sunday night to Friday night.
  • Different trading markets
  • Low transaction cost

But they don’t come without disadvantages:

  • There is no regulation relating to the counterparty risk.
  • As the leverage goes high, the loss will increase.

Choose the best type of market in the forex market, start trading based on your research, and you might get rich by Trading Forex.

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