How to develop a trading edge How to develop a trading edge How to develop a trading edge

How to develop a trading edge

No matter what trading style you use to participate in the Forex Market, from short-term day trading to long-term investing, finding a trading edge is essential to building a strategy. Its trading edge is an approach that gives you an advantage over all the market players. In this article, we discussed a trading edge, the different types, how it is calculated, and how to develop your own trading edge. If you haven’t used a trading edge so far, don’t be overwhelmed because most traders don’t even know it exists. That is why if you traders book excellent profits, everyone else struggles with weak or negative returns.

In order to find the perfect trading edge, you need to get more experience, brainstorm, be disciplined, read the website, and consult with expert traders.

First, you need to realize that a trading Edge is not the same as a trade in the strategy; you might need more than one edge for a complete trading strategy. 

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What is a trading edge?

There are two parties involved in every trade. While one makes a profit, the other party makes a loss. A trading edge is something that shows better returns than the average returns. It’s raining age is an approach that helps you gain more profit than losses. It can be a strategy, software, technology, risk control, understanding of market movements, or anything that helps you succeed in making profits where others fade. A trading edge is a line that separates winning traders from losing traders.

In order to be a consistently profitable trader, you need to have a trading edge. Without an edge, you are donating your money to the market. 

As a beginner, you might not even think about having an edge, but gradually, as you improve your skills and strategies, you will begin to develop an edge.

It’s becoming more difficult to come up with a perfect trading edge as you cannot rely on sophisticated software and computers because every trader has access to the same tools of the trade, which makes it more difficult to get a trading edge over the others. 

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Trading strategy versus trading Edge 

As previously noted, a trading edge is not the same as a trading strategy. You can come up with an edge by starting the averages to create a complex strategy that contains variables for both when to buy and when to sell.

Examples of trading Edges

A trading edge is not a strategy, but it can be a strategy that keeps losses smaller while trading. As a trader on the Forex market, you know that losers are guaranteed to occur by using an edge. You will win more trades, and you will keep losses small. 

For example, let’s say you have been monitoring the market, and you have a pre-planned idea about how particular news announcements may affect the price of your favorite instrument. 

In this case, you are ready to act before others as part of your news trading strategy. As you have done your homework, you know what to do if the news is bullish, bearish, or neutral. As you already know what to do, others are planning after the news hits.

 You can also cut losses if the price drops a certain amount, and you cannot profit until you are up at least 15%; this way, your win will always be bigger than your losses.

Examples of trading Edges

How to find a trading edge

Finding a trading Edge is not simple. You won’t find professional Traders willing to share their secrets Because they know that strategies that get too crowded innovatively disappear. So, if you want to create your own trading Edge, read the following:

 Get experience

 The most important thing to creating a trading edge is trading real money and not backtesting for years. When you have enough experience, generating ideas will be much easier. Only by experiencing the market will you learn what to look for, find your trading style, and know your personality and limitations.

You can use a demo account to get experience before trading real money. In Aron Groups, we provide demo accounts to help you fill the market in a risk-free environment. But remember, in order to find an edge, you need to trade the real money and get real experience.

 Trade real money 

Although trading using a demo account is beneficial, paper trading will never get you anywhere. It is recommended to test new strategies using a demo account before going live trading. But in order to see and feel what you’re doing, you must feel the joy of games and the pain of losses.

 You must learn to read charts and understand what happens after a big move. What happens after a surge in volume? What factors are influencing the market?

Stay healthy

 Great thoughts are the result of a good walk. If you want to generate ideas, go out and walk in the nature. Let the blood flow into your brain instead of staring at the screen all day.

The first two you need to come up with over the perfect trading edge is creativity, and walking can increase that. Walking is perfect for many reasons; first, it boosts your creativity, lets the blood flow into your brain, and, more importantly, helps you learn how to be a patient trader. If you stare at this screen instead of walking, you will be tempted to exit a trade sooner than you’re supposed to or enter a trade at the wrong time. By walking, you will clear your mind and have enough room to break through your trading ideas.


After a good walk, you need to brainstorm to generate ideas. Don’t be frustrated with foolish ideas, and remember, you won’t find anything if you never test your stupid ideas. Write down any trading ideas you have and make a plan to test them.

 Be disciplined and systematic.

 One of the most important characteristics of a successful trader is being disciplined. You need to make sure you write down all the strategies you need to test and the ones you already tested.

 Keep a record of every research you have done so far, and remember that the market evolves and changes all the time, and you might find the missing link by looking at things you tested years ago.

Read everything you can find

 There are many websites providing you with lots of trading edge without knowing it. Remember that you cannot outsource your thinking, so you should never expect paid services to do all your thinking. Read books and blogs, which you can find plenty for free on Aron’s website. 

You can get in touch with other traders.

As you wouldn’t be able to experience every aspect of Forex trading after years, discussing your trading ideas and helping others to get some help in return is recommended.

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How to find a trading edge

Steps to create a trading Edge

As a trader, you need to come up with a trading edge that suits your trading style. The following tips will help you in developing an edge.

 Educate yourself 

As mentioned previously, studying and reading everything you can find is really important. You need to learn as much as you can about different strategies to choose the perfect one.

Choose any strategy

 Now that you have learned enough about different strategies, it is time to have a clear focus on how you want to trade. A trading strategy is a repeatable formula that tends to yield favorable results over many trades. The strategy is a complete map that tells you how and when to enter a position, and remember; there is no such thing as a perfect strategy. For every trader, a perfect strategy is different than the other one. You need to find the one that suits your priorities and needs.

Test your strategy

 Try to test your strategy on different occasions, and if it is profitable over many trades, it has a potential edge. You can use a demo account for back testing.

Risk management 

After choosing a strategy, it is recommended to think about risk management. Stop loss can help you reduce losses. So, it is important to determine how much you are willing to lose per trade.

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Join Arongroups of 300,000 people

Practice makes perfect

 Creating your own age is not simple. You might not find a trading Edge online. It takes years of experience and back testing to find the perfect edge. In order to find the perfect edge, you need to be creative and systematic. You must test different strategies to find the one that provides you with an edge. Because you will be a consistently profitable trader only, you keep losses small and make more money. You need to educate yourself and learn everything you can about Forex trading strategies. Use the Aron Groups Demo account to test your trading ideas and strategies before trading real money. To learn from your mistakes, you should take a demo account seriously and trade with discipline and concentration.

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