What is a swap in forex? What is a swap in forex? What is a swap in forex?

What is a swap in forex?

There are many strategies and tools involved in Forex Trading. You can go long, speculating the price is rising, or go short, speculating the price is falling. Forex is a perfect place to make money and multiply your profit, as there are many different types of underlying assets you can invest in, including currencies, Cryptocurrencies, crude oil and gold. We are talking about the most liquid Market in the world, which is open 24 hours, 5 days a week. There are many investors from all around the world trading on forex every hour, so you can always open and close positions as quickly as you want. But sometimes, a position you open will stay open overnight; that’s when a Forex swap happens. This article will discuss everything about the swap in forex to help you learn more about it in a comprehensive guide.

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 What is a swap in forex?

A swap in forex is a rate you either earn or pay for a trade you kept open overnight. As you can trade in both directions in the Market, there are two types of swaps in forex, including swap long, which is used for left long positions open overnight and swap short, which is used for left short positions open overnight. 

You can say that a foreign currency swap is a contract between two parties that swap interest payment on a loan mode in one currency for interest payment on a loan made in another currency. 

Let’s make it clear with a swap in Forex example

  • Suppose a trader is willing to increase their trading position but isn’t able to afford large deposits; in this case, the trader can use margin accounts and leverage funds. By doing so, the trader will borrow funds from a broker while providing only a small fraction of the overall amount.

 In this case, the trader is actually taking out a loan and is required to pay or receive an interest rate on it. The interest rate in this example is called a swap.

  • Ready for another example:

 Let’s say the swap short is 0.01, and the swap long is -0.48 for EURUSD. If you went short on this currency pair by one standard lot on a Wednesday and left it open overnight, closing it on Thursday, the swag short will be calculated as follows:

 100,000 (standard lot) x (0.01 x 0.0001 pip) = $0.10

It means by keeping the position open overnight, you have earned $0.10. enable example, if you go long, the swap long will be calculated as follows: 100,000 x (-0.48 X 0.0001 pip) = -$4.8. The swap long and the swap short calculated in the above example are per night, meaning you need to pay the swap long or the swap short every night you keep that position open. 

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swap in forex

More explanation on Swap Forex

Every currency has its interest rate in the Forex Market, which the country’s Central Bank determines. The amount of swap the trader receives or has to pay depends on the interest rate the Central Bank determines for the currency in the Forex pair.

A swap rate in forex which is also called the rollover interest rate, rollover swap or swap transaction in forex, is the interest made or received for lifting a position open overnight. 

 If you are using Leverage trades and opening positions using borrowed funds, you need to pay the interest rate for every position held open overnight. The difference between swap long and swap short is called carry. Carry trading is a strategy in which the trader will borrow a currency with a low-interest rate and open a position in a currency with a higher interest rate, and by doing so, he’s intended to earn interest on their position via the Forex swap.

As you know, currency pairs in forex consist of two currencies. The first one is called the base currency, and the second one is called the quote currency.

Whenever you open a position, you’re actually buying one currency in the pair and selling the other one.

 If you are buying a higher interest rate currency than the one sold, a swap will be added to the account. On the other hand, if the interest rate of the currency you are buying is lower than the one sold, a swap will be charged from the account.

When trading within a day, you won’t receive or pay swaps. But when you leave a position open overnight and close it the next day, you will pay or receive the swap.

More explanation on Swap Forex


Rollover strategy is used at the end of the trading day When all open positions with a value date (a determined date) equal spot or rolled over to the next day.

  • Suppose Today is Tuesday, and you’re opening a position on spot GBP/USD With a value date of Wednesday. When the position hasn’t been closed on Tuesday will roll forward a day to Wednesday. This strategy is also called ‘tomorrow-next day’ or ‘tom-next’ rate.

Note that in forex trading, a trader is supposed to take delivery of the asset they have traded, and generally, the expected delivery day is 2 days after any transaction, also known as the spot date. When using a rollover strategy, the trade can extend beyond the date.

Pay attention that there are two factors affecting rollover interest rates: 

Central banks impact the rollover interest rates by setting interest rates.

 Brokers can also modify the interest rate according to the market conditions and may decide to modify the rollover rate in their favor. That is why you need a reliable and trustworthy broker at your side.

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Types of swaps

There are two types of currency swaps in forex:

The fixed-for-fixed rate currency swap

This type of swap involves exchanging fixed interest payments in one currency for fixed interest payments in another.

The fixed-for-floating rate swap

In this type of swap, a currency with a fixed interest payment is exchanged for one with a floating interest payment.

Understanding the overnight positions

 overnight positions are a common trading strategy in forex in which a trade will remain open onto the following business day. Before holding an overnight position, consider the following factors:

  • You should always pay close attention to the currency interest rates in the two countries.
  • Consider the price fluctuations of a currency pair.
  • Remember that investor sentiment could affect your position before the next trading day starts.
  • Be cautious of weekends and regional holidays that could also affect your position.
  • The purpose of using currency swaps
  • Swap Trading is a popular strategy in Forex Trading platforms which is applied for quite a lot of reasons; here we’ll go through some of them:
  • Decreasing borrowing cost
  • the first reason a Trader employee a currency swap is to reduce dept. By using this as a strategy, the Traders or the companies borrowing money make the deal because it allows them to borrow the respective currencies at a favorable rate.
Types of swaps

Reducing risks

Another reason for swapping in forex is to reduce exposure to anticipated fluctuations in exchange rates. As a company or individual trading on forex, you’re always exposed to exchange rate risk.

You can always take opposite and simultaneous currency positions to hedge those risks.

swaps and trading strategies

 When using swap trading, you can always use it in different types of strategies, including:

Long position strategy

When you’re holding a position for a longer period, you should pay close attention to the swap rate because it will add up daily to your balance. 

Short positions strategy 

As short-term traits are held for a shorter period of time, the impact of the swap is not considerable.

Carry trading

 using this strategy, you can earn interest in your position by using a swap in forex.


 if you are looking for a perfect strategy to hedge against the risk of exposure to exchange rate fluctuations, you can use currency swaps.

 risk management

Swap in forex is a useful tool for risk management as it can be used as collateral for repayment.

swaps and trading strategies

Why do companies use currency swaps?

 International companies swap currencies for reasons like the following:

  • Swapping forex allows a company to access a loan in a foreign currency that can be less expensive than when obtained from a local or Central Bank.
  • On the other hand, foreign currency swaps provide an excellent way to hedge risks the company May encounter due to volatility in foreign exchange.
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A swap in forex is the interest rate a trader pays or receives for a trade position he kept open overnight. The swap rate and the position you held open overnight will determine the profit or loss of an overnight position.

Rollover strategies are also used along with swap trading, in which traders can move an open position from one trading day to the next business day. 

On the other hand, as a trader, you can use other strategies and carry trading to earn interest using Forex swap.

 When using foreign currency, remember that you’re dealing in a volatile Market which can go off and down at any minute. To reduce the risk of your investment in forex, always trade money as you can afford to lose. Trading on forex means you’re making gains, and you’re exposing your investment to a great deal of losses as well. In Aron Groups, we provide a demo account that helps you experience the real Market before trading with money. If you want to swap trading, try using our demo account and test your strategies. Remember that no matter how experienced you are, new markets and the newest strategies can always surprise you. You will be ready to face unprecedented phenomena in your trades using a demo account.

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