Why Copy Trade with Broker Aron Groups? Why Copy Trade with Broker Aron Groups? Why Copy Trade with Broker Aron Groups?

Why Copy Trade with Broker Aron Groups?

Starting out in the forex market is by no means an easy feat. For newcomers, the experience is overwhelming; too many strategies to learn and too much information to analyze. Copy trading is a successful technique that traders can use to get around market mayhem. In a nutshell, copy trading lets traders replicate the trades of professional investors. To make sure copy trading is done smoothly, traders need a stable and reliable platform. In this article, we’ll explain what copy trading is and why you should choose Broker Aron Groups as your platform.

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What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading allows traders to copy the positions of seasoned professionals in the market. The traders being copied are usually referred to as “signal providers” or “strategy providers”. In today’s markets, such as forex, the copying happens instantly and completely automatically with the help of brokers.

The signal providers usually benefit from others copying their trades. One significant benefit is the commision they receive from the copy trading platform. Different platforms usually offer various commissions to sweeten the deal for the copy trader. Traders usually choose their signal providers based on their experience in trading and more importantly, profiting.

Copy trading platforms usually copy the signal provider’s trades instantly but adjust it to the trader’s investment capital. This is known as proportional copying or proportionate allocation.

Traders can make specific adjustments to the copying process. For example, they can define a specific threshold for the maximum allowable loss they’re willing to accept. This is known as Stop Loss (SL) or Maximum Drawdown. There are also other parameters such as Margin Levels and Percentage Loss which can be used to determine when the copy trading platform should stop copying the signal provider.

Benefits of Copy Trading

Copy trading has become an increasingly popular strategy in the forex market and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits traders can reap from copy trading.

Access to Expertise

Copy trading allows traders to watch professionals do their work in real-time. Just as a student watches a master work, new-comer traders can learn what sets the professionals apart from the rest. But observing and analyzing the trades of these professionals isn’t just for new-comers. Many seasoned investors check out what others are doing because there’s always something new to learn in the forex market.


One great benefit of copy trading is that traders don’t need to copy one specific investor. Instead they can allocate various amounts of capital to copying each signal provider. This way, traders can reduce risks by not putting all their eggs in one basket. Traders who want to learn the ropes can use copy trading to study different signal providers simultaneously. Copy trading allows traders to analyze a variety of trading styles and strategies.

Time Efficiency

The forex market can be profitable for everyone, even those who don’t have the time to learn the intricate systems of trading in detail. Copy trading grants traders the opportunity to profit while not putting in time to study the market. All traders need to do is pick out the right signal providers and let them execute the trades.

Potential for Profitability

The forex market can be risky, especially for new-comers. Those who have a lot to lose will benefit from following in the footsteps of successful traders. An MIT-funded study in 2012 showed that those who copy-traded fared 6-10% better than traders who were trading manually. Another 2014 study showed that copy trading was more likely to produce a positive return compared to standard trading. However, profitable copy trades have lower return of investment compared to successful regular trades.

How to Copy Trade with Broker Aron Groups

Who Should Copy Trade?

Though copy trading has many benefits, some individuals are more suited for it than others.

  • Beginner traders: Those who are starting to pave their way in the forex market might want to analyze the trades of successful investors in the beginning. Copy trading is an excellent choice for these individuals.
  • Trades who don’t have time: Copy trading saves a lot of time from traders. Those who want to make a profit but don’t want to get too involved in the details should try their hand at copy trading.
  • Expert traders wanting to diversify: Expert traders might want to diversify their styles and strategies in the forex market. By copy trading they can see what other signal providers do and learn from them.

Why Copy Trade with Broker Aron Groups?

Aron is an excellent choice for traders who want to copy trade. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for copy trading.

Expertise & Experience

Aron has over two years of experience handling clients internationally. We have won awards that showcase our expertise, including the Fastest Growth of Trader Attraction award, awarded at the Dubai Forex Expo in 2022.

Transparency & Diversity

Aron offers traders charts that showcase all the signal providers’ performance based on multiple factors. This helps traders choose the best signal providers in the market. It also allows diversification so traders take less risks and try out more styles and strategies.

User Friendly Copy Trading Platform

Aron offers its clients access to MetaTrader 5, created by MetaQuote, which is one of the world’s best forex trading platforms. The interface is user-friendly and is being used by millions around the world. An easy-to-use trading platform makes the learning curve to trading smoother.

Join Arongroups of 300,000 people
Join Arongroups of 300,000 people

How to Copy Trade with Broker Aron Groups

Aron offers generous resources when clients sign up for copy trading. Clients can sign up to be investors in copy trading or signal providers. The minimum deposit for signal providers is 250$. Investors have to deposit a minimum of 1000$.

The trading method is hedging, meaning for each buy and sell a new position is opened, and you can have several buy and sell positions over a certain symbol. This is important because it reduces risk and allows you to bet against yourself.

The maximum leverage for every account is 100 but it may be lower depending on the type of trading account. The Call Margin and Stop Out levels are 100% and 50%, respectively.

Start Profiting with Aron’s Copy Trading Platform

Copy trading is one the most successful ways for newcomers to enter the forex market. It’s also a great way to learn how professional traders work, and helps reduce risk when starting out. All of this is helped with a stable trading platform provided by Broker Aron Groups. We offer competitive features that make us stand out from the market. Sign up today and start making profit by following in the footsteps of amazing forex traders!

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