Introducing the standard Nano account

If you want to enter the trading market with the least capital, experience trading with a micro account! These accounts are suitable for small and limited transactions. The minimum deposit required in a micro account is $ 5, with which you can start trading in the real market. The simple trading environment of the micro account allows the trader to take full advantage of real opportunities and gain the necessary expertise before losing a lot of money. Aron Groups Broker offers micro accounts for market beginners and traders who want to improve their trading skills.
Dear traders, pay attention:
1. In Aron Groups Broker, you can only create 5 main accounts and 5 demo accounts, so be careful when opening an account.
2. Traders who enter and operate the broker using the names of others (third party) will be blocked and fined if the broker is identified.
Trading platformMetaTrader 5 (MT5)
Account currencyToman
Leverage11: 500
Minimum deposit5 US dollars or its equivalent in Tomans
Annual diary profit21 %
SpreadsFloating (depending on market conditions)
Order executionRun at the moment price
Trading style3Hedge
Call Margin Level4 50 %
Stop Out5 30 %
Trading symbolsToman and international symbols
۱) leverage description
Leverage is adjusted based on each trading account and is limited to a maximum of 1: 500.
2) Annual daily profit
In terms of free margin, the daily profit is calculated systematically and the total will be added to the balance during one month.
3) Hedge system:
For each purchase or sale, a new invoice is opened and you can have several open trades on one symbol.
4 and 5) Call Margin Level and Stop Out Description
When the margin level (current inventory ratio to margin * 100) reaches 50%, you can not open any new invoices, and if the amount of damage reaches 30% margin, depending on the number of game invoices you have, the system is full of robots and game invoices. The most harmful will start closing your invoices. This will return the margin level above 30%, and if the margin level is still below 30% each time you open open factors, this process will be repeated, and if the return trend and the margin level reaches above 50%, you can Register your new orders according to the margin you have. Note that all these steps are done instantaneously and completely robotically and in a fraction of a second. These numbers can be changed according to market conditions and fluctuations.

Start trading with just four simple steps and make a profit


Open your main account after registering


Upload the documents required to activate your account


Log in to your account and top up your account

Start trading

Start trading and make a profit

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