Swap and commission

Aron Groups Broker determines the amount of swaps and commissions according to market conditions.
Swaps vary according to daily market conditions. Swap changes will be announced every day according to market conditions.
1. Swap time will be 2:00 AM server time (3:30 AM Iran time).
2. Swaps will be calculated and deducted three times for all Toman symbols on Thursdays and for Forex symbols on Saturdays.
3. On Sundays and Mondays, transactions did not include swaps.

Weekly swap table

Trading symbols Swap (USD)
1 lot to buy 1 lot for sale
Toman symbols 30 $ 10 $

Commission table

Trading symbols
1 lot to buy or sell
Toman symbols $ 5 per side
Forex symbols $ 2.5 per side

Note 1: Traders who enter with the names of other persons with the intention of cheating the broker’s rules, their account will be blocked and the additional fee will be deducted from them if the broker is informed.

Note 2: If the total trading volume of the trader during the day, depending on the type of account, exceeds the maximum volume, in addition to the commission mentioned in the table above, an additional commission will be deducted from the trader at the end of the day, which is as follows:


Daily commission table in terms of total trading volume

Volume (lot) Accounts Commission
Micro Standard Vip Cash
0.1-1 5 $
1-5 10 $ 5 $  
5-10 20 $ 10 $ 5 $
10-30 40 $ 20 $ 10 $ 5 $
30-50 70 $ 40 $ 20 $ 10 $
50-100 100 $ 70 $ 40 $ 20 $
Please select your trading account carefully.
When you buy or sell, the commission amount is deducted from the balance in an instant according to the volume of the transaction.
The daily commission in terms of total trading volume is only for Toman symbols and does not include international symbols.
Important Note: With the close by command, you can close the buy and sell positions on a symbol. It should be noted that when using this command to close positions, the amount of the commission will not be deducted and the commission will be variable for volumes higher than the maximum word (in all accounts and symbols).

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