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The Aron-100 Challenge is our cheapest product designed for consistent traders. This challenge is made of three phases. This challenge is suitable for consistent traders with good risk management skills.



Terms & Conditions

  • This document provides detailed terms and conditions for Aron-100 Prop Challenge.
  • The presented content here is only for general information regarding Prop Trading services.
  • By using Prop services, the client accepts all terms and condition presented in this document, as well as Aron Groups Broker terms and conditions presented on the website.
  • Aron Groups broker provides liquidity and does not interfere in reviewing the traders, trades and strategies, and the service provider company is responsible for all reviews and decisions.
  • By using Aron Prop services, the client declares that he/she has read and accepted all the terms and conditions related to Prop services as well as Broker policies.
  • Aron Groups Broker and associated prop firm reserve the right, but not limited, to fine, block, or do not provide service to a client at its own discretion.
  • Traders have plenty of time to achieve their target and move to the next phase. Take it slow, observe good risk management techniques.
  • The company reserves the right to not provide or stop providing service to any client that do not practice consistency and risk management.


Account Fee

  • The below table indicated one time fee payment for the services and support we provide to traders. Please note this fee is non-refundable.
Account BalanceFee (USD)

Evaluation (Phase I)

  • The evaluation phase is to test your trading skills and give us an idea of what type of trader you are.
  • During the evaluation phase you must achieve a profit target of 8% within 30 calendar days with no other rule breaches.

Verification (Phase II)

  • The verification phase is just to confirm the results of the evaluation phase.
  • During the verification phase you must achieve a profit target of 5% within 60 calendar days with no other rule breaches
  • We do NOT have any negative day rules in our programs.
  • A trader can choose when they start the evaluation process.
  • The countdown of the calendar day from when the account reset will start.

Trading features

Pro Challenge PropName of services
10 days in Phases I & IIMinimum days of trading
Not Applicable if conditions are metAccount Expiry date
Up to 1:100Leverage
60% to 90%Trader Profit Share
0.0014%Commission (% of Trade value)
1%Minimum Profit target in Phase III
2%Maximum stop-loss for each position
5%Daily Drawdown in Phases I & II
8%Maximum Drawdown in Phases I & II
10%The amount of profit to receive more capital
+30Trading Symbols
UnlimitedMaximum Duration
AuthorizedSignals Usage
UnauthorizedCopy Trading
UnauthorizedStrategy – Hedging
UnauthorizedStrategy – Pricing or Latency Arbitrage
UnauthorizedStrategy – Multi Account Hedging
UnauthorizedStrategy – Martingale
UnauthorizedStrategy – Single Market Hedging
FX, commodities, MetalsMarkets

Real Account Phase III

  • Profit target is 1% and withdrawal is available after 30 days of starting.
  • Once trader reaches 10% profit, 50% account growth is possible by blocking the 10% profit.

Trading features

NitroName of services
UnlimitedMinimum and maximum days of trading
Not Applicable if conditions are metAccount Expiry date
Up to 1:100Leverage
0.0014%Commission (% of Trade Value)
1%Minimum Profit target
3%Daily Drawdown
10%Maximum Overall Drawdown
10%The amount of profit to receive more capital
+30Trading Symbols
FX, commodities, MetalsMarkets


  • Traders are paid out up to 90% of profits.
  • For the first month of live trading, you will be required to trade a minimum of 10 days and the first month’s payout will be initiated after one whole month.
  • This minimum day requirement is removed in the second month.
  • After the first payout, traders can be paid after every 14 days.
  • Senior traders who meet target and request account growth without payout will be entitled to request payouts after every 5 days only… 

Getting paid

  • If you have reached your profit-split time, firstly, congratulations. Please get in touch. You can request your payout via ticketing system.

Further Information

  • Expert Advisors, Trading Bots, and similar products are possible upon approval from service provider. Traders cannot use a trading bot for the following purposes:
  • Copying other trader’s trade
  • Tick scalping o Hedging o Stacking o Martingale 
  • Latency arbitrage trading 
  • Reverse arbitrage trading
  • Hedge arbitrage trading o Using simulators
  • Or any method that is toxic and intended to harm the company intentionally/unintentionally.
  • In case of any question or issue trader must act by Submit a ticket via client panel.
  • Kindly note, account fees are non-refundable.
  • Copied trades or copying third-party trades are called unauthorized trades and will result in breach of agreement and termination of service without any notice.
  • Commission is charged for opening and closing a trading position.
  • You can also see the swap details in the trading symbol description section in Meta trader.



  • Bad Faith, Intentional Gaming of Rules, or Intent to bring disrepute, the company reserves the right to terminate the service and provision of any real account in cases of bad faith.
  • Any such action will never result in any liability beyond a refund.

Consistency Violation


  • The traders accept that during a challenge their trading behavior must be consistent, and that 80% of my total traded volume must not have been opened within 20% of the minimum time duration of the challenge.

Soft Breach Violations


  • These may be penalized by discretionary fines of approximately 2.5%.
  • Fines will only be levied against positive balances.
  • Example includes not setting Stop loss or reaching risk per position limit. The trader will be fined on the 3rd time of such breaches.

Terminal Breach Violations


  • Breach of daily or maximum drawdowns, trading of unauthorized pairs as well as continuing to trade with any soft breach or warning in place. Please note, reset would be possible for the trader but it will be from phase 1.

Stop Loss


  • Traders must place a stop loss on every position executed within the first 2 minutes of the position being opened, failing to do so is a violation.

Account Credential Safety


  • You are responsible for making sure your account credentials are safe. We do not reinstate accounts that have been hacked or distributed to third parties for trading and lost.
  • If your account has been hacked, get in touch with our team so we can lock the account and change the password and run you through security protocols.
  • No reinstatements of accounts will occur so it is important for you to get to us as quickly as you can if your account has been hacked.
  • If you violate the rules and fail, you can re-subscribe and try again.
  • Please note we do not offer discounts for any failed retries.

Aron Groups Broker reserves the right to block the trader’s account without any warning or explanation including but not limited to any violation and execute the appropriate fine based on the rules.



Traiding Symbols