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Aron Savings

Invest safely, earn steadily

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Risk-free investment in Aron Savings

Bank deposits have long been considered a safe investment, but the traditional bank investment model is outdated. Low interest rates and high inflation have made bank deposits less attractive, and the number of people investing in banks has been declining.

Risk-free investment: Why and how?

Investors are looking for new ways to invest their money. Low interest rates and rising inflation have made it difficult for them to make a profit by keeping their money in banks. They are looking for safe and profitable methods of investment that will guarantee the security of their capital and generate income.

Aron Groups Broker has launched a new service to meet this demand. Aron Savings offers a variety of investment products that are designed to protect investors' capital and generate a profit. These products include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.


Investment in Aron Savings

Aron Savings offers a safe and hassle-free investment option, allowing you to earn a daily profit without the risk. With a competitive 4% interest rate on dollar deposits, it outshines traditional banks. Start your investment journey with a minimum deposit of just $100.

Here's why you should consider depositing in Aron Savings:



Your money is secure in a regulated financial institution






Deposit and withdraw funds anytime, without any fees



Access your funds whenever you need them, worry-free

Interest rate in Aron Savings

Interest on your Aron Savings deposit is calculated and paid daily, based on your invested currency. Deposits are daily, and withdrawals follow specific rules. After registration, deposit funds using approved payment methods. Aron Savings offers a 4% annual interest rate on dollar deposits. For instance, a $10,000 deposit earns $33.33 interest monthly.


Deposit amount x Annual interest rate (4%) ÷ Months in a year (12)

Aron Savings also provides differential percentage rate:
  • Up to 2000 USD – 8% APR
  • Over 2000 USD – 4% APR

Regular saving services

Time-limited withdrawal

Aron Saving Account

Withdrawal every week
  • 0.75%
    Daily Profit
  • 1%
    2 months
  • 1.25%
    3 months
  • 2.00%
    6 months
  • 2.5%
    9 months
  • 4%
  • 4%
    Aron Savings Daily Profit
  • 5%
    Daily Profit
  • 12%
    3 months
  • 17%
    6 months
  • 20.50%
    1 year
  • 21.50%
    2 years
  • 22.50%
    3 years
  • 40%
    Aron Savings Daily Profit

While traditional banks restrict access to funds during the investment period, Aron Savings ensures that customers maintain control over their finances, allowing for withdrawals without losing accrued income.

Aron Savings superior advantage

For Toman savings, Aron Savings stands out with a daily profit rate of 40%, exceeding the offerings of Iranian banks, where the highest annual profit rate reaches 22.50% over three years. Aron Savings' competitive advantage lies in its significantly higher daily profit, providing customers with the potential for quicker and more substantial returns on their investments.

In terms of Dollar savings, Aron Savings offers a daily profit rate of 4%, presenting a notable contrast to the limited options provided by Iranian banks, where the highest annual profit rate is capped at 4%. Aron Savings' daily profit rate ensures steady and consistent returns for customers, outperforming the longer-term and lower-yield options available from traditional Iranian banking services.

Aron Savings: Your Path to Financial Freedom

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people Trusted by investors for innovative global market services
shield-tick Risk-free investment
archive-tick Borderless market access without trading forex

Opening an account in Aron Savings is a risk-free way to invest in the forex market. It allows you to earn profit and income from the forex market without having to trade yourself.


  • How do I invest in Aron Savings?

  • To invest in Aron Savings, simply create your preferred account (USD or Toman) and make a deposit. That’s all you need to do.

  • What is the minimum deposit required for Aron Savings accounts?

  • The minimum deposit is $100 US dollars.

  • Are there any commissions associated with Aron Savings accounts?

  • Aron Savings investment accounts don’t have any commissions. Your last deposit should remain in your account for at least 30 days.

    If you make any withdrawals or transfers after this period, you won’t incur any commission. However, please note that withdrawal platform commissions will be calculated separately.

    If you withdraw or transfer your money before the 30-day period, a 30% commission (depending on the withdrawal amounts) will apply.

  • What are the withdrawal days for Aron Savings?

  • You can submit your withdrawal requests from the early hours of Sunday until the end of Monday, giving you nearly 48 hours to do so.

  • Will compound interest increase if I don’t withdraw from my Aron Savings account?

  • Yes, if you don’t withdraw your profit for the past months, compound interest will be calculated daily.

  • When is interest paid out?

  • Interest is deposited into your Aron Savings account on the last day of each month.