30% Infinity Bonus 30% Infinity Bonus 30% Infinity Bonus

30% Infinity Bonus

30% Infinity Bonus

Introducing the Bonus

In this Bonus, current traders of Aron Broker will receive up to a 30% infinity bonus with second time deposit, up to a maximum of $750.


Terms and Conditions

The bonus starts from 2024/04/09 at 00:01 to 2024/04/22 at 23:59 country time.

Acceptable accounts for this bonus are Nano, Standard, and VIP trading accounts.

The minimum deposit amount to participate in this Bonus is $50 or its equivalent in IRT.

This bonus will be added to the trader’s trading account as a tradable and losable credit.

Please note that transfers from other trading accounts will not be eligible for this offer.

Please note that this bonus cannot be withdrawn as cash and will only be credited to your trading account balance.

This credit will be valid for 30 days from the time of deposit into the trading account and will be removed after the specified period ends.

If the stop-out level is reached, the credit will be automatically removed.

If any transfer or withdrawal is made from the trading account where the credit has been deposited, this bonus will be automatically removed.

The credit limit is up to $750 or its equivalent in IRT.

Aron Groups Broker reserves the right to take action against any violation or misuse of its rules, including freezing account balances, imposing fines or penalties, banning broker services, and settling accounts.

Risk Warning

Forex and leveraged trading involve significant risks and can result in the loss of your capital. Be aware of the existing risks. It is recommended to enter the market with capital that, if lost, will not cause you harm. Leveraged trading is not suitable for every trader.

Non leveraged trading such as stock trading also carries risks, as stock values are constantly fluctuating and can result in the loss of part of your capital. Past performance cannot guarantee future success. Before starting trading, decide based on your experience and goals, and consult financial experts if necessary. It is the responsibility of users to ensure they can or cannot use Aron Groups Broker services based on the laws of their country of residence. Please read the agreement form along with the broker’s general rules.

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