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Change Your Broker

Change Your broker and Stay with a $5000

Switch your broker to Aron Groups and take advantage of an exclusive offer! Start trading with your new Forex broker with complete confidence. All old and new clients who have not traded with Aron Groups in the last 90 days are eligible for this exciting promotion.

Terms and Conditions:

✓ The plan starts on 05/26/2024 at 00:00 server time.

✓ In this plan, 25% of your trade’s commissions for the first 45 days of activity, will be returned to your account ✓ as withdrawable credit.

The limit of the bonus is up to 5000 dollars.

  • The 45 days will be calculated from the re-appearing in Aron Broker for old clients, and from the first trade for new customers

✓ The return of the commission includes turnover and regular commission.

✓ The minimum deposit amount for using the plan is 100 dollars or the equivalent in other currencies

accepted by the broker.

Acceptable accounts in this plan are Standard, VIP, Islamic, Master and Investor.

✓ At least 10 full trades must be made, and the total volume of trades should not be less than 1 lot.

✓ To use this promotion, new and old customers must provide documents to prove that they worked with different brokers or exchanges before or during the period of inactivity.

✓ This plan includes all new and old customers who are not active with Aron Broker for at least 90 days prior to  the plan.

✓ The bonus is withdrawable and open to trade and will be added to your account balance after the revision.

✓ According on the broker’s rules, during the implementation of this promotion, customers can use a 25% welcome bonus and a 10% deposit bonus as well.

✓ By the end of the 45 days, the customer can register his request through the ticket, and the revision can take between 3 and 7 working days.

Welcome and Deposit Bonus terms and conditions:

✓ This bonus will be added to your trading account as a losable credit.

Please note that this bonus is not withdrawable and will be added to your trading account balance as a credit.

✓ The credit is valid for only 30 days from the time of deposit by the broker and will be removed after the stated period.

✓ If the stop-out level is reached, the credits will be automatically removed.

✓ If a transfer or withdrawal is made from the trading account where the credit has been deposited, the gift will be removed automatically.

General Terms and Conditions:

✓ Each eligible person can use this offer only once.

✓ Aron Groups Broker has the right to deal with violators following the rules in case of violation or misuse of the rules of the Broker, such as authentication by third-party documents or the provision of incorrect information. These rules include the blocking of accounts and the prohibition of the provision of services in the Aron Group.

✓ All general terms and conditions of the company are applicable in this promotion.

Risk warning

Forex and leverage trading involve significant risk and may lead to losing capital. Be aware of the potential risks. It is suggested that you start with the amount of money that, in case of losing it, it will not damage you. Leverage trading is not suitable for all traders.

Non-leveraged trading, like stock trading, also carries risks, as the value of the stock is also constantly fluctuating and you may lose some of your capital. A good past performance cannot guarantee your future success. Before you start trading, make a decision based on your experience and goals, and consult a financial expert if necessary. It is on clients to make sure that according to the laws of the country of their residence, they can use the services of Aron Groups Broker. Please read the agreement form along with the broker’s general rules.

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