New year wonderland New year wonderland New year wonderland

New year wonderland

Bonus introduction

Aron Broker considered a special bonus for all Aron Broker’s clients designed specifically for the 2024 New Year. You can be one of the winners as during this bonus, every week a draw takes place to determine the winner.

Terms and conditions
  • The bonus begins on 2023/12/12 at 00:01 country time
  • Acceptable accounts in this bonus are Nano, Standard, and VIP.
  • Opening at least 5 full trades (opened and closed) of any size and symbols is acceptable.
  • From day one of this bonus, you should follow all Aron Brokers’ social media accounts (Persian Aron Groups, English- Arabic and Persian academy), comment “#AronWonderLand” below posts related to the New Year, story the New Year post and tag 2 people.
  • The winners are determined by the end of each week, and they will be informed within the next 48 hours.
  • Winners must take a selfie video and send it to Aron Broker. Aron Broker reserves the right to publish the videos at any given time.
  • First week: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone
  • Second week: X-Box
  • Third week: PlayStation 5
  • Forth week: Microsoft Surface Tablet 12-inch
  • We will reward all second to tenth winners of every week with a $100 trading account.
Trading accont rules
  • Trading Accounts are hedging and will provide the user with 100 leverage, and the reward is a losable credit..
  • Note that this bonus cannot be withdrawn as credit in any way and can only be counted as your trading account balance.
  • This credit is only valid for 30 days from the time of deposit by the broker and will be deleted after the end of the stated period.
  • If the stop-out level is reached, the credit will be removed automatically.
  • If you make a deposit, you will be rewarded with a 10% infinity bonus up to $750.
  • You can withdraw profits resulting from trades with a Standard account with no limit, and in case of deposit, you can withdraw the deposited balance and the profit.
  • If any transfer or withdrawal happens throughout the trading account to which the credit has been deposited, this gift will be automatically removed.
General rules
  • Each qualified person can only use this offer once, and registering using third-party documents and names is considered a violation.
  • Aron Broker reserves the right to deal with the violator in accordance with the rules if they observe any violation or abuse of the rules of the broker. These principles include blocking the account balance, determining and receiving fines or damages, exclusion from broker services, and reckoning.
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