Why you should trade cryptocurrency? Why you should trade cryptocurrency? Why you should trade cryptocurrency?

Why you should trade cryptocurrency?

History of money

Historians believe that Phoenicia created the money. For many years, people used to do their exchange via Bartering. For example, if a shepherd needed wheat, he would give some meat to a farmer and get grain in return. This type of exchange had an issue: the lack of a unit for measuring the value of goods. For a better understanding, imagine that the unit of measurement of wheat is a kilogram, while the unit of measurement of an ax is a number. So how much grain should be paid for an ax?

Step by step, people thought to accept a unit of measurement that everyone took as a means of transaction. Over time, gold, silver, and other metals were measured, and coinage began. As coins entered the trading cycle, transactions became easier. But the problem was that carrying many coins was dangerous and difficult. Shortly later, some institutes were established so merchants could deposit their coins, receive an equivalent receipt, and use that receipt during their transactions. These receipts can be considered the first banknotes in history.

Why cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrencies are gradually changing the style of our daily purchases and sales. They are in high demand today by providing better services than traditional banks. Few people do not have information and knowledge about cryptocurrencies. As you know, investment is one of the most critical topics in the current economy, and everyone is looking to identify the markets with solid profit potential. Investing in cryptocurrencies is relatively easy and profitable at the same time. The unique features of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum cause different types of investments.

The reasons for investing in cryptocurrency and its various types, from Bitcoin to the minor currencies, can differ. In addition to the evolution that cryptocurrencies have created in today’s world, reasons such as the support of a famous person for a cryptocurrency or the fact that its transactions are profitable and other such reasons lead to investing in a specific cryptocurrency. Although a little more It has been a decade since Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency in the world of economics and technology, changes and innovations in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies are happening at unbelievable speed.

Many people fear the decline of traditional currency market indices and look for a safe way for investors. Since the possibility of investing in cryptocurrencies has been provided for everyone and this industry is expanding phenomenally, this has caused it to attract the attention of many people. Since 2009 and after Bitcoin stepped into the world financial markets, cryptocurrencies have been recognized as the most profitable and innovative investment method. The very high profitability of this industry has been the first and most important reason for attracting investors. Another important reason that was secondly considered was that the cryptocurrency industry is not limited to a specific location, and therefore anyone could use the service of this financial system.

What is the investment?

In economics, investment means allocating financial resources to one or more different assets because you know it will obtain more valuable resources in the future. You can invest your financial resources in assets such as company shares, fixed income bonds, real states, gold, cars, foreign currencies, etc. In this case, if the price of those assets increases, your capital will increase accordingly.

Since investing is done to gain more profit in the future, it is always associated with a certain level of risk. In other words, there is a possibility that by making an incorrect investment, not only will no income be obtained for the investor, but also the value of his capital will decrease. Therefore, if you want to invest in different markets, it is better to first familiarize yourself with the rules and features of each one.

What are the benefits of investment?

Achieving the financial goals:

There is no doubt that we all have set goals for ourselves, most of which require more capital than what we have at our disposal. Among these goals, we can mention purchasing a house, land, villa, vehicle, home appliances, computer equipment, etc. Targeted investment helps you to get the necessary capital to reach your goals by properly managing your excess income.

Guaranteed retirement at a young age:

Making a suitable investment can make your retirement earlier. Investing in low-risk and very high returns options can help you in all stages of your life.

Best cryptocurrencies for investment

There are many investment options, which can make this issue very difficult. Especially when many altcoins are trying to do similar things or have extensive plans for the future, the crypto industry is constantly changing, and investors’ interests vary depending on different issues or infrastructure changes. A coin can be highly rated one day and disappear completely the next.

Ethereum (ETH):

Ethereum is the number one choice of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. Most cryptocurrency projects are built on the Ethereum blockchain. That seems to be the case with most meme coins and metaverse projects we come across today. So if you want to invest in the crypto market, Ethereum should be considered.

If you are ready to invest in Ethereum for the ultimate goal, Ether has proven to be a good investment despite the potential risk. Ethereum has the potential to outperform any other investment in the long term. Ethereum has also experienced a significant increase in its price. From 2016 to early 2022, its price rose from around $10 to more than $3,550, an increase of more than 32,000 percent.

Analysts estimate that the value of Ethereum (ETH) has a lot of room for growth in the future, and investing in Ethereum is an excellent long-term investment decision. Therefore, buying and holding Ethereum can be a good option.


Another top cryptocurrency for investment is ApeCoin. This coin was released in 2022 by Bored Ape Yacht Club. Bored Ape Yacht Club is a platform consisting of 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFT). This coin offers some of the best altcoins to buy and invest in.

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 network cryptocurrency with functional and governance features. The price of these cryptos was around $6.40 when they first launched in early 2022. Within hours, APE prices were trading at approximately $42 per token.

To explain what the ApeCoin project does, it was developed as a Metaverse crypto project. ApeCoin can be purchased online through Shopping.io. Another feature in this regard is allowing users to access products from eBay, HomeDepot, Amazon, Walmart, and more. Payments of this currency are made through the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. Interestingly, ApeCoin users get a 2% discount when shopping online with this coin. According to most predictions by analysts in this field, ApeCoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in. You can also diversify your portfolio by adding ApeCoin.


The top cryptocurrency that experts say you should consider is Uniswap. Primarily, Uniswap Currency is a decentralized exchange that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without the need for a centralized third party. This boosted Uniswap’s market cap from $5.70 billion in early 2022. In light of the above, Uniswap has since expanded its business model by creating an online marketplace related to NFTs and the metaverse.

Bitcoin (BTC):

Overall, Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency option for initial investment. Have you ever wondered if you can buy Bitcoin despite its high price? If this is your first time investing in crypto, Bitcoin could be the most undervalued cryptocurrency to buy today. This is because the leading cryptos have much less volatility.

After all, Bitcoin is the largest crypto asset in the capital market. So, if you want to buy and hold cryptocurrencies long-term, you might consider investing in Bitcoin. Another essential benefit of investment in Bitcoin is that the leading cryptocurrency can be shared. You can only buy a small fraction of a single bitcoin. For example, if Bitcoin was worth $30,000 and you decided to invest $30, you would buy 0.1% of a coin. This figure is ideal for those looking to join the ranks of first-time Bitcoin holders without depositing a lot of money.

Binance Coin (BNB):

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with the highest volume of transactions and several million active users. Binance exchange has its own native crypto asset, BNB, which allows its exchange users to benefit from lower commission payments.

Binance coins can be used to invest, process payments, and book travel arrangements. It can also be exchanged for other forms of cryptocurrency assets such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. BNB is also a digital token used to support the Binance smart chain.

Solana (SOL):

Solana is a third-generation blockchain that was introduced in 2020 to solve problems such as scalability. This network is created so developers can design decentralized applications or Dapps. Although the idea behind the Solana project started five years ago, the official launch of Solana was in March 2020. SOL is the network’s native cryptocurrency that monitors all network transactions. Solana is one of the hottest crypto tokens that is proliferating.

The price of the coin has continuously reached its highest level and has attracted the attention of investors worldwide. If you had invested $100 when Solana launched in 2020, you would have made over 410,000% when trading at $0.78. According to crypto analyst Solana’s price predictions, the SOL coin is expected to increase by more than 440% and reach above $450 per token.

Cardano (ADA):

Another top cryptocurrency to invest in this year is Cardano. This crypto is a popular and fast-growing blockchain technology for Secure and Stable Blockchain with Groundbreaking Use Cases. Cardano can distribute power from unresponsive structures to edges.

Cardano’s token is ADA, which has recently attracted widespread attention as one of the proof-of-stake blockchains under construction in the crypto environment. The Cardano project defines its protocol as a third-generation blockchain that aims to enable smart contracts with future quality control and supply chain governance applications. Investing in Cardano in 2022 is a wise choice as it is a very open and inviting environment that works equally for everyone. There are no barriers when trading and initial entry. All one needs to enter this market is some deposit, and it is good to enter this market in a short period.

Many experts and analysts suggest that Cardano will flourish in the coming years and the entire crypto world. Digitalization of money can have a significant impact on the market.


The Terra project is highly famous among the leading blockchain projects. Terra seeks to strengthen global payments with price stability. The system is primarily a blockchain protocol specifically designed to transfer stablecoins and uses them to power a range of cryptocurrencies and financial applications.

Terra is a next-generation stablecoin protocol that maintains a USD pegged token price with a variable issuance. Unlike most DeFi protocols, Terra is built on top of Cosmos instead of Ethereum. However, Cosmos has been seen to have operational advantages over Ethereum, including faster transactions and lower transaction fees.

Investing in Terra can be a very acceptable option. Those who invested in the early days and waited until a few weeks ago must have made significant profits. For example, from January 2021, when the price was below $1, to the end of March 2022, Terra increased by more than 16,700% to $108. The cost of Terra dropped significantly in May 2022 due to the inflation of the LUNA coin supply in the market. The coin is expected to remain stable and could restore growth.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world:

Although it has been more than a decade since Bitcoin was launched as the first cryptocurrency in the economy and technology world, changes and innovations in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies are taking place at a breakneck speed.

Thanks to their decentralized nature, cryptocurrencies have caused irreversible changes to the traditional economy that we know, and thanks to the use of these electronic currencies, trade, and international transactions will be much faster and at much lower costs. After all, cryptocurrencies reduce the economy’s need for central banks to the lowest possible level, in which investors will have more freedom of action to control better and manage their financial data and capital.

The expansion and development of cryptocurrency are one of the most important reasons to start investing in this field. These days, cryptocurrencies have turned from a creative idea into a pure reality, and it seems that these cryptocurrencies will be one of the main foundations of the economy in the not-so-distant future. So, without a doubt, they are considered one of the best areas for investment. Today, around 5000 cryptocurrencies are being exchanged and developed, providing a vast investment market.

High liquidity:

High liquidity is another reason for investing in cryptocurrencies. If you are still unsure about investing in cryptocurrencies, perhaps the highly high liquidity of this market will put your mind at ease. High liquidity means that buying and selling cryptocurrencies is much easier than before.

For example, when it comes to Bitcoin is always in high demand as it is the most trusted cryptocurrency on the market. The data indicates that the number of cryptocurrency wallets has exceeded 54 million, which shows that the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies is no longer the monopoly of major investors and huge companies. Still, due to easy access, small investors and ordinary people can also do it. These transactions have cryptocurrencies.

High profit:

What drives us to invest is the profit from the investment we make. Like it or not, what handles our world is money, and at the very first stage, when we are attracted to investing in cryptocurrencies, we think about the outcome.

Although cryptocurrencies are not new in the world of trading, the percentage of return and profit from investing in them is far higher than the stock markets and other investments.

This ability of cryptocurrencies is due to their instability; This means that cryptocurrencies can potentially earn you a tremendous amount of profit in a short period, but such an event is infrequent in stable markets.

Of course, let’s not forget that instability is a two-way street; This means that you may lose your capital in the blink of an eye. By knowing enough about the cryptocurrency market and identifying cryptocurrencies that perform well, you can always reduce the risk of your trades.

Independence and flexibility:

Whether you decide to invest in Ethereum, Tezos, or any other cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrencies you buy are yours. This means that these currencies do not rely on banks, and you will not pay any fees to banks for them. In addition, the cryptocurrency trading market is available 24/7, so any time you want, you can do your transactions with only access to the Internet. You can trade and buy and sell full-time or part-time, depending on your desire. While on vacation, traveling, even on the subway, or before falling asleep, you can exchange your assets and invest in the best cryptocurrency you know.


Regulatory rules:

One of the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies is the lack of rules and regulations for the development and generality of this market. For example, this has enabled anyone to create a cryptocurrency in the blockchain network. There is no guarantee for the quality and usefulness of said cryptocurrency, and there are no laws and regulations to prevent the formation and development of a low-quality and so-called fraudulent cryptocurrency.

It is up to the user to determine whether a cryptocurrency has good conditions and the possibility of its growth in the future, unlike other financial markets such as the stock market or the forex market, where all states and cases are formed based on specific rules. This can be a significant disadvantage.

Of course, it is essential to mention that the existence of an organization and regulations for cryptocurrencies and monitoring in the market is entirely contradictory to the nature of these cryptocurrencies. One of the main characteristics of cryptocurrencies is the absence of a third party and the lack of reliance on government and organizations. Therefore, this defect in the cryptocurrency market will be inevitable. By knowing the features of a promising cryptocurrency, users can provide the conditions for their transactions to avoid scams and frauds common in this market.


Probably the most critical issue of cryptocurrencies is scalability. The number of digital tokens and their adoption is increasing rapidly. But cryptocurrency transactions are still overshadowed by significant corporate transactions that are processed daily. And until their technology infrastructure expands to improve the speed of transactions significantly, cryptocurrencies cannot compete at the level of large payment processing companies. The seamless evolution of cryptocurrency technology is complex and challenging. However, several solutions, including sharding, lightning networks, and staking, have been proposed as options to overcome the scalability issue.

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