Aron Groups Trading Symbols

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Aron Groups Broker Trading Symbols

#SymbolFull NameContract SizeTick SizeMax LeverageTrading Time (GMT+2)
1AronGold.Aron Gold1,000 grams100Dynamic10:00 - 19:30
2AronCoin.Aron Coin100 coins1000Dynamic10:00 - 19:30
3AronGOLD17W_Mesghal.GOLD17W_Mesghal vs Toman230.8509 Mesghal500Dynamic08:30 - 18:30
4USDIRT.US Dollar vs Toman1000001Dynamic10:00 - 19:30
5USDIRT_Harat.US Dollar ( AFG Harat ) vs Toman1000005Dynamic08:30 - 18:30
6EURIRT.Euro vs Toman1000001Dynamic10:00 - 19:30
7GBPIRT.Great Britain Pound vs Toman1000001Dynamic10:00 - 19:30
8TRYIRT.Turkish Lira vs Toman1000001Dynamic10:00 - 19:30
9AEDIRT.UAE Dirham vs Toman1000001Dynamic10:00 - 19:30

The number and specifications of the symbols are different in each broker account. For more information, refer to the specifications of the symbols on the Metatrader platform.

Account Commission Fraction Deduction Factor

#Standard / InvestorVIP / Master TraderCash
Iranian Market0.02% of the trading value0.015% of the trading valueNo commission
Forex, Spot Metals, Indices, Spot Energies0.0032% of the trading value0.0016% of the trading valueNo commission
Crypto Currency0.05% of the trading value0.04% of the trading value0.022% of the trading value
Shares0.06% of the trading value0.04% of the trading valueNo commission

Turnover Commission:

The maximum number of discounts of commissions on symbols that don't have a commission for each customer (not the trading account) is equivalent to the amounts mentioned in the above table daily.

Please note that if you reach the determined value or volume, the commission will be applied for the trading. The broker has the right to change the maximum discount amount for commissions at any time based on the condition. It's important to note that you can use the Commission discount for one trading account only and if you trade these symbols using different trading accounts, the commissions for all of these trades will be received.

Note: The volume of 10 lots is calculated from the sum of the two ends of the transaction. This means that if you open about 5 lots of trading in buy or sell position and then close it, 10 lots of trading volume will be calculated for you.

Note: the amounts placed based on each symbol are not separate and will be calculated based on the trading sum on these symbols.

Note: calculation time is from 02:00 till the next day hour 01:59 with the server time of GMT+2.


Note: The amount of commission in Standard accounts is calculated based on the amount of daily traded volume described in the above table and will be deducted from the trader's account.

Swap Free Conditions:

XAU/USD and EUR/USD symbols will be swapped free only for 35 days (where applicable). Please note after 35 days, swap will be charged. After Grace Period Gold will be charged 66 USD/LOT and EUR/USD will be charged at 18 USD/LOT for overnight fees.

All swap-free symbols in the nano account calculated and deducted based on the following table.

InstrumentNameTypeGrace DaysFees after Grace Period (USD/day)
AUDCHF.nanoAustralian Dollar vs Swiss FrancForex350.16
AUDJPY.nanoAustralian Dollar vs Japanese YenForex350.2
AUDNZD.nanoAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand DollarForex350.08
AUDUSD.nanoAustralian Dollar vs US DollarForex350.06
CADCHF.nanoCanadian Dollar vs Swiss FrancForex350.2
CADJPY.nanoCanadian Dollar vs Japanese YenForex350.24
CHFJPY.nanoSwiss Franc vs Japanese YenForex350.14
EURAUD.nanoEuro vs Australian DollarForex350.12






The swap amounts every day at 02:00 will be deducted.

The numbers mentioned in the above table are the same for both buy and sell positions.

Inactive trading accounts commission:

If any of the trading accounts of a trader remains inactive for 90 days constantly, the amount of $2 will be reduced from the trader's balance monthly for keeping the account.

Commission deduction will be from the 90 days for the first time, and then it will change to 30 days.

The amount of $2 will be deducted as a commission till the time the trader's account balance has enough credit to support it based on the determined period, then the account will be archived automatically.

If the trader's account balance is less than $2, all the balance amount will be deducted, and the account will be archived.

If there is no balance, the account will be archived automatically.

Note: Traders who do not intend to trade in any of their trading accounts are advised to transfer the available amount to their Aron Bank account and then archive their account so that this cost is not included.


The leverage of the trading symbols below will be calculated based on the volume of the trader's open positions.

Note: if the trader's account leverage is lower than the mentioned leverages, the account's leverage will be considered.

Note: The sum of open trading volume will be calculated on the above-mentioned symbols. For example, if a trader opens a 2 lots position on the Bitcoin symbol in the standard account, these trades will be created with 75 leverages for the trader, if then the trader adds 2 lots to its open position trade due to passing the first limitation, the next 2 lots will be opened for him with 50 leverages.


Robot: Traders aren't allowed to use experts (trading robots) in none of the trading accounts except the VIP account. If using experts, the trader will be punished based on the laws of violation of terms and conditions.

Trading account characteristics

Minimum Volume0.01 Nano Lots0.010.0010.010.01
Maximum Volume5 Nano Lots55205
Increasing Step0.01 Nano Lots0.010.0010.010.01
Open Position Maximum50 Nano Lots505010050
Open Position Maximum Value500,0005,000,0005,000,00010,000,0005,000,000

Note: The specifications are different based on each symbol. For more information, refer to the symbol specifications in Metatrader.

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