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In the years since bitcoins’ debut, every investor has been looking for a new opportunity to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Some know that the crypto market is just a component within the blockchain ecosystem, but only some know the concept. Do you know what the cryptocurrency market is?

Many consider the crypto market a perfect place to Hedge against inflation recessions and global economic problems, but what are cryptocurrencies? In Aron Groups, we are going to take a deep look at the roots and stems of the cryptocurrency market to let you know what is expecting you.

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What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, or simply crypto, is a type of currency that does not exist in the real world. This type of currency exists digitally or virtually. Cryptos are safe due to cryptography; every transaction and every piece of information shared in the network of cryptocurrency and market is cryptographic so that no one can alter the information.

We all know that everything began with Bitcoin, the big name in the cryptocurrency market promising to make you Rich someday. It is to say almost everyone has heard about Bitcoin, but not everyone is familiar with altcoins in general. Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual payment system that doesn’t need banks as intermediaries. There is no need for a bank to verify transactions. Cryptocurrencies work on a P2P system; it means everyone on the network observes data transformation. Besides, there are no geographical limits. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to send money, as cryptocurrencies are digital entries. You can send or receive them anywhere in the world.

Investors and people who need to send money abroad found this characteristic of cryptocurrency interesting. We have talked about cryptography, but they have yet to talk about how it makes cryptocurrency a solid asset to invest in. Stay tuned.

 How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Bitcoin was the first and is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world; it was introduced in 2009, and after that, many other cryptocurrencies were introduced. As we have mentioned before, every piece of information on the net fork of a cryptocurrency is transparent, which means everyone on the network can see transactions in real-time. All of this is possible thanks to the blockchain technology. All cryptocurrencies run on a distributed public ledger called blockchain, which is a perfect place to record all of the transaction data held by currency holders.

People on every cryptocurrency network are responsible for verifying transactions, and everyone on the network can see what is happening. So, it is sufficient to say that cryptocurrency in nature is a complete democracy; there is no need to use central banks or authorities to have a transaction confirmed.

It is the general process for every cryptocurrency, and every cryptocurrency serves a unique purpose. For example, Ethereum is a perfect platform for running decentralized applications, and smart contracts that enables developers to create useful programs and new cryptocurrencies using the infrastructures of Ethereum.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is created to be a medium of exchange; it has value on its own without needing another currency like a dollar to back it up; in Bitcoin, the goal is to use the coin for buying and selling the soft. So, Bitcoin is the future money, so you know if you don’t have it, you need to set up your account now, Aron Groups, and buy some. Some might say the future is already here, so you lose the game if you don’t have any Bitcoin.

How Are Cryptocurrencies Created?

 Some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are created through a process called mining. Mining is a complex and expensive procedure for my new cryptocurrencies. It involves computer powers to solve difficult mathematical problems in order to achieve the desired answers, which is a new block in the blockchain of that cryptocurrency.

But it isn’t the only way someone can create cryptocurrencies. You can always buy them from brokers and a store and spend them According to your will. But remember, when you buy cryptocurrencies, you don’t own anything tangible all you have is a key that allows you to monitor your assets.

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Some Cryptocurrency Examples

 I know you have a lot of names in your mind, and people are talking about cryptocurrencies wherever you go, but the fact is there are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there. We are going to mention some of the best-known in the cryptocurrency market:


 Known to introduce the first cryptocurrency ever founded in 2009 by a mysterious and unknown person or group of people called Satoshi Nakamoto. Interestingly, Bitcoin is the most commonly traded cryptocurrency in the market.


Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency on the market, was developed in 2015 and served as a blockchain platform that presents its cryptocurrency called ETH (Ether). As mentioned, it provided the best Circumstance for developers to create new cryptocurrencies and decentralized apps.


Some might say Litecoin is like Bitcoin with innovations. For example, transactions are verified faster in this network.


 Developed in 2012, Ripple is a blockchain that aims to track different kinds of transactions. And it is not just used to track cryptocurrency transactions. Several banks and financial institutions are using this network.

Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoins

 if you have been looking into the cryptocurrency market for quite a while, you have come across terms such as altcoins, utility tokens, security tokens, and payment tokens.

In short, we should say every cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin is called altcoin to distinguish them from the original.

Utility tokens are used to provide digital access to software or application.

Payment tokens are complementary currencies in exchange for specific services.

A security token, as the name applies, represents securities. For example, if you own a share in a company, security tokens represent that.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Now that you know enough about the cryptocurrency market, It is time to buy some; there are steps to take:

1.     Choose a Broker

Many decentralized and centralized exchanges on the market made it hard to choose the right one. We suggest choosing a cryptocurrency exchange offering different cryptocurrencies, providing you with wallet storage, and more. In Aron Groups, you will find everything you need to start trading in the cryptocurrency market. So, save your time and set up your account today; in the next step, you need to have that account.

2. Deposits into Your Account

 in the next step, you want to trade the cryptocurrency market; you need to deposit some money into your account to begin trading. In Aron groups, we have provided you with numerous ways to deposit into your account easily.

 3. Place an Order

Now considering that you have done all of your research and you are quite familiar with the cryptocurrency market, and you have chosen the cryptocurrency you want to trade, place an order. All you have to do is choose a crypt trading pairs and go long or short.

Cryptocurrency market

How to Keep Cryptocurrency Safe?

 Once you have cryptocurrency, you must find a way to keep them secure. We discussed virtual currency, so you need software to keep them safe. There are different types of wallets you can use to store your cryptocurrencies. there are hot wallets connected to the Internet all the time and are more

preferred by day traders, and there are cold wallets completely disconnected from the Internet and preferred by holders. You need to learn about day traders and holders to start placing an order in the cryptocurrency market. you need to learn more stay tuned with Aron groups and build your knowledge gradually.

Last Minute Tips

as a rule of thumb, there is no risk-free investment in the whole world, no other rich market you choose to invest in, or always risk involved.

some might consider cryptocurrency one of the riskiest investments, but if you trade carefully, there is nothing to worry about. you should:


Before investing, you need to learn more about cryptocurrency markets in general; there are thousands of cryptocurrencies are on the market, and the number is growing and you need to be careful about what cryptocurrency you choose to invest in.

Some cryptocurrencies are perfect for long-term investment, such as Bitcoin, while you might profit from less popular cryptocurrencies in the short term.

Choose a Wallet Before Buying Cryptocurrency

 The most important thing is not how to buy cryptocurrencies but how to store them. There are different kinds of wallets each has their own advantages and you need to choose the one that matches your trading strategy. For instance, if you are very Trader, if you prepare to trade within a day, you might benefit from a hot wallet that is connected to the Internet all the time and wouldn’t waste your time. But if you prefer to buy and hold cryptocurrencies for a long period of time, you should go for cold bullets, which are disconnected from the Internet and safer.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Diversification is the main rule in any investment. An experienced investor would only put some of his money in a single asset. So never put all your money in Bitcoin because it is the best cryptocurrency out there or because it is the only name you know in the cryptocurrency market.

There are numerous options on the cryptocurrency market and other markets, such as Forex. You need to research every market for options to invest in.

 Be Prepared

If you’re new to the cryptocurrency market you should know that this market is not a stable market, it is highly volatile. You will witness ups and downs continuously. Unlike traditional or Fiat currencies, the value of cryptocurrency is driven entirely by supply and demand, so it is natural to witness wide swings that would produce significant gains for investors or big losses.

The cryptocurrency market is a still in its infancy, and it has a long way to become a stable market. So do your research and invest according to the movement in the

market. And remember, always invest in cryptocurrency or any other asset as much as you can afford to lose. Because every investment carries a risk so, what is your risk appetite?

Join Arongroups of 300,000 people
Join Arongroups of 300,000 people

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?

 Let’s look at it this way how many investment options or asset you know in the world? How well do you know other markets? There are always intermediaries, there are always middlemen telling you how things are done. The cryptocurrency market is the first place completely transparent; no one is telling you what to do and how things are done. It might be scary, but it is freedom. You can see how things are done easily. You can see every transaction confirmed in the network in real-time. And it all is possible due to blockchain technology which records every transaction into blocks and times stamped.

Remember, wherever the money goes, tips and hackers will go. although the cryptocurrency is immune to cyber-attacks at some level, but it is possible. Choose a reliable and safe crypto exchange to reduce the possibility of your asset being hacked. The only one who can provide you with such protection is the one with the most experience. In Aron groups, you are trading alongside a well experienced broker with years of experience in the Forex and gold market.

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