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Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency starts slowly, but there is no doubt that it will take over the world. The cryptocurrency market has gained enormous popularity in the last decades. Everything started with the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009; at that time, bitcoin was just a weird, mysterious asset, not everyone would love to invest in, but those who sacrificed and took the risk enjoyed tremendous growth and witnessed multiplying their asset over the years. The value of bitcoin surpasses that of gold because consumers have an uproar interest in Bitcoin.

 When we talk about cryptocurrency trading, everything is about timing. In fact, if you were one of those investors who invested in Bitcoin in 2009, now, you would be a billionaire. So, when trading cryptocurrencies, you will have a greater chance of acquiring higher Returns if the time is correctly chosen. Because, let’s face it, we are all here to make profits. In Aron Groups, we already learn new how to trade cryptocurrencies and make a profit. The market is so volatile and younger at the same time you might think HOLD is a perfect strategy to trade cryptocurrencies, but there are many things to consider when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned. We will provide an easy guide to understanding crypto trading and how it works to make a profit like an experienced Trader.

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What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency to rating happens when you open a buy or sell position for digital currencies on your brokerage, intending to profit from the underlying asset’s changing value. So, it is worse to mention that crypto trading is speculating and guessing the fluctuations or price movement and the value of the cryptocurrency you have your eyes on. We have talked about the highly volatile crypto market, so when we talk about price movement, it can be potentially highs or lows.

If you’re familiar with forex currency trading, cryptocurrency trading is also simple and secure. You can open a trading account in Aron Groups and trade on price movement via CFDs or buy and own the cryptocurrency. We will discuss this in detail below, but before that, let’s discuss the differences between cryptocurrency investing and cryptocurrency trading.

What is the difference between crypto investing and crypto trading?

As you are beginning to enter a new market, it is wise to learn o differentiate what is cryptocurrency trading and what is investing in digital currencies. You might ask if it doesn’t matter as long as, in the end, the goal is always the same, making a profit. But the expected outcome times are different in Cryptocurrency Trading and cryptocurrency investing. When investing in cryptocurrencies, the expected outcome times defer from medium to long. On the other hand, when trading currency, the time for the expected outcome ranges from short to medium time.

How does cryptocurrency trading work?

 Generally, there are two ways to trade cryptocurrencies: first, you can use a digital wallet to store cryptocurrencies. In this case, you can use cryptocurrency exchanges to buy your favorite cryptocurrency at the current market rate. This process is much similar to investing in stocks. Just like any other investment, you own the cryptocurrency. You can hold it for some time and then sell it at a higher price to make a profit.

But on the other hand, you can trade cryptocurrencies as CFDs on crypto brokerages like Aron Groups.

In this case, you are trading in a much more familiar market like Forex and commodities instead of stocks. Because, in this case, you don’t own the physical cryptocurrency, and you are just trading on the price movement to make a profit whether the prices go up or down. But you’re not actually owning a cryptocurrency. 

CFDs are interesting because they allow you to use leverage. And by doing so, you will have access to a higher-value trade with a small deposit. For example, if you have $1000 in your trading account, and your trading account provides you with 100:1 leverage, it means you can open trade to a value of $100,000. Is it fantastic? Leverage guarantees high Returns, but at the same time, it increases the level of risk. 

Cryptocurrency Trading

Learn more about CFDs

CFDs or contracts for difference are a popular way of cryptocurrency trading. One can say that CFDs are advanced trading strategies that professional investors and Traders generally use. When trading CFDs, you don’t own the underlying asset, whether cryptocurrency, Fx, or commodities. 

In simple terms, a contract for difference is a contract made between the buyer and the seller, which in this case is the client and a brokerage, intending to exchange the difference in value between the opening and closing of the contract. 

 If you are still getting familiar with cryptocurrencies or the forex market, you should know that crypto trading is complex. The risks involved are not like any risks in traditional markets and exchanges. You must learn more about forex trading and crypto trading to acquire skills and knowledge in understanding, following, and analyzing the market.

Here we will go to some of the famous and popular terms in the cryptocurrency market to help you understand the market much better.

 What is blockchain?

Blockchain is the root and stem of the cryptocurrency market; the underlying technology behind digital currency transactions stores every transaction data safely and securely. The blockchain guarantees the decentralization of cryptocurrencies because it omits the need for an intermediary or a central power. On the other hand, the information on the blockchain is transparent to all network users. And no one can alter the information because every user has a copy of the new block added to the blockchain, and people are watching. So, if you think that it is not reliable just because a regular or governing authority does not control it, you should know that the lack of transparency of blockchain technology makes you wonder whether we ever need to be controlled by a regular governing authorities or not when we can use its technology that safely secures the data and guarded against any manipulation.

Is Bitcoin a family name?

 Bitcoin is the king and the first cryptocurrency ever introduced to the world. It is now the most well-known cryptocurrency in the market and has been widely accepted as an international currency by institutional investors and individuals. If you are new to the cryptocurrency market, you must trade Bitcoin CFDs like you might trade other international currencies and commodities. There are other well-known cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, that you might consider in your future crypto trading as they are well established.

Forex Trading Terminology

Understanding the price movement of cryptocurrency Markets

The factors driving the price of cryptocurrencies are no different from those of the traditional stock market. In trading cryptocurrencies, you need to monitor the supply and demand chain and be able to use technical and fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrency market to understand what is going on and what you might expect in the coming future. So, you need to understand and consider the following factors:

 Cryptocurrency correlation

 Even though every cryptocurrency runs on a different blockchain with a different agenda, you should understand that cryptocurrencies tend to move in the same direction.

technical analysis

 Market volatility makes it difficult to predict the future price of an underlying asset, so you need to consider learning technical analysis to use charts, signals, and price patterns.

The Power of Media

 as long as we are talking about the cryptocurrency market, the media hype is typical when a cryptocurrency reaches a new all-time high price. At this point, the media turns the camera towards that currency and create hype that might not even be real. And it would be best if you learned more about the power of Media to be vigilant and alert simultaneously.

Important considerations when trading cryptocurrencies

First, if you have a cryptocurrency trading account in a procreate, you might find it easier to trade cryptocurrencies on a volatile market. So first, you need to sign up for Aron Group’s brokerage and complete the registration form; you are required to ensure a valid email address, choose a strong password and click continue and wait to receive a verification email; then you can click on the link provided to verify your account. 

 Congratulations, now you are officially a cryptocurrency trader. Remember that trading cryptocurrency is not simple, and you must consider many factors to be a successful Trader. You might think cryptocurrency is a perfect way to get rich quickly, but you need skills and knowledge to make that happen. Here you’re going to share some factors to consider to become a professional cryptocurrency to either:

Never underestimate the power of research.

The cryptocurrency market is vast, and there are many different projects you might need to become more familiar with. So before choosing a cryptocurrency, you must research and learn more about MetaTrader 5 trading platforms and leverage. Besides, you must check the pros and cons of investing in your Favorites currency. Only when you have gathered all the information you can progress to crypto trading.

Choose a trading strategy.

As we have discussed, the cryptocurrency market is tremendously volatile; the price changes daily and every minute. The only way to understand the market is to start trading an asset. But if you are not ready to enter the market, wait there. At Aron Groups, we have provided you with a demo account. You don’t need to use real money to learn more about cryptocurrency trading when trading with a demo account. Using this type of account, you can test different trading strategies to find the one that suits your trading Style. And remember, even prof trad used a new use in actual trade.

Choose your favorite cryptocurrency

 now it is time to choose the asset you are going to trade on, and you need to know there are more than 7,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation in the current market. And it takes a lot of work to pick a cryptocurrency. You are looking for a currency that will provide you with reason turns. Still, as a beginner, we provide you to stick to well-known and well-established currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum instead of going for, I don’t know, trading the initial coin offerings. The New project involved higher risks because the future is vague, and there is no guarantee that a new project with a perfect platform will be profitable.

Learn more about diversification.

It is enough to say that don’t put all your eggs in one basket; no matter how much you love Bitcoin, it is also always wise to trade on Litecoin. Try to diversify your investment across several cryptocurrencies to cut your losses in case of running altcoin drops in price.

Start with a small amount

 trading cryptocurrency can be profitable, but you don’t need to put all your life savings into trading cryptocurrencies. The crypto market is risky and not designed for every investor. First, you need to understand your trading style and learn more about the cryptocurrency market to learn it is not predictable. 

Don’t act on FOMO.

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is dangerous in the cryptocurrency market. When you find everyone trading cryptocurrencies, you feel the tendency to do what everyone else is doing, but you need to resist. The fear of missing out is common in day trading as it is the fastest way to lose money. When you see every Trader making a profit on a cryptocurrency, you feel the urge to buy and trade on that currency. Still, you need to wait because the upward trend for that currency might end at the same time you enter the market, in that you experience a considerable loss.

Be informed

 the next important thing to want to consider when trading cryptocurrency is to keep yourself up to date with cryptocurrencies. You need to follow social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and cable news to access the latest news. Only in these cases can you adjust your investment accordingly to ensure profits.

Learn more about trading terms

 you can stay in cryptocurrencies to earn more profits. Numerous ways to invest and trade cryptocurrencies might bring you higher profits. 

Join Arongroups of 300,000 people
Join Arongroups of 300,000 people

The benefits of trading cryptocurrencies

Has the number of cryptocurrencies rises, more people want to join the market and learn more about the benefits of trading cryptocurrencies. These are as follows:

 Profit no matter price goes down or up

As long as you are trading cryptocurrency CFDs, you are trading on real-time price movement, and you can profit when the price goes down or up. Everything depends on the way you speculate in your trade. When investing in cryptocurrencies directly, why do you rely on that cryptocurrency increasing in value to sell it at a higher price and make a profit?

Lower initial deposit When trading cryptocurrency CFDs, you use the leverage that gives you flexibility and allows you to open more prominent positions and multiply your profits. Why must you pay the entire market price front when investing in encrypted currencies? Remember using leverage is risky and not designed for every type of Trader.

You don’t need a crypto wallet

 when you invest in cryptocurrencies, you own the physical character currency and need to find a safe place to store it. But when you are trading cryptocurrencies, you don’t own the physical on-the-line asset, and you don’t need to look for a safe crypto wallet to store them because there is no asset to a store at all. You are just making speculation on price movement.

Crypto trading perfect for Hedging

 many professional Traders use cryptocurrency trading to Hedge against Fiat currencies. As more people try to invest in cryptocurrencies, they become more legitimate, and more investors use cryptocurrencies as an accepted alternative form of currency. So, if a currency is experiencing inflation or recession, crypto trading would be a perfect way to cut the loss and Hedge against that Fiat currency deprivation.


It is interesting to know that, unlike the stock market, the crypto market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just like Forex. So, you are provided with much more opportunities to make a profit.

It would be best to remember that trading cryptocurrency CFDs is like any other financial trade, such as gold, Forex, crude oil, or the stock market. As long as you are trading on the price movement, risks are involved, your speculation might go wrong, and the market might surprise you.

What does a trader know? That every asset is subject to unique market forces. When you learn them, you learn the importance of technical and fundamental analysis when trading cryptocurrencies. Besides, it would be best to have an appropriate risk management strategy to protect your investment.

When trading cryptocurrencies using leverage, you’re opening a margin trade. Margin is a percentage of the total cost of your trade that you need to provide to use the leverage; for example, if you are required to provide 10% of the total amount of your trade and use a 100:1 leverage ratio, you are supposed to provide a $100 to open a $10,000 position.

But remember that leverage can be a double edge sword, providing both profit and losses. So, it is wise to practice leverage trades using a demo account and learn more about risk management to ensure that leverage is used to your advantage

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