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Aron Groups Mutual Fund

Discover a secure and hassle-free path to earning from the forex market. Let our seasoned fund managers and professional traders help you turn the market's potential into tangible profit.


Aron Broker Investment Fund

Navigating the financial markets can be demanding, requiring significant time and expertise. Looking for a simpler way to invest without the complexities? Aron Broker's investment fund offers a stress-free alternative, allowing you to participate in the forex market seamlessly. Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional trading and embrace a smoother investment journey with Aron Broker.

How does Aron Broker's investment fund work?

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    Flexible Investment Amounts


    Invest any desired amount with Aron Broker's investment fund, where each share costs $100. Your funds will be actively traded on your behalf, and you'll receive a portion of the profits commensurate with your investment.

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    Professional Management


    Expert traders manage your capital, minimizing risk and maximizing returns. While profits are not guaranteed, the fund is insured against losses, ensuring your investment's security.

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    Fee-Based Management


    Aron's skilled fund managers receive fees for their expertise in capital management and trading. Rest assured, the fund operates under Aron's direct supervision, leveraging years of market experience.

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    Limited-Time Opportunities


    Participate in Aron Broker's investment fund during monthly periods, with shares available for a restricted time. Stay informed about investment terms and profit percentages, announced by the fund trustee.

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    Established Performance


    Benefit from Aron Broker's years of experience in managing monthly and quarterly investment funds. Due to high demand, fund shares sell out quickly, so stay updated on Aron's website for each course's details.

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    Transparent Investment


    Enjoy peace of mind with Aron Broker's transparent investment process. Our commitment to clear communication ensures you're informed about investment terms, start dates, and trading symbols for each course.

Benefits of depositing in Aron Broker's investment fund

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    Asset management

    Experienced managers and analysts at Aron Broker choose optimal investment strategies, maximizing returns through timely asset transactions.

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    Monthly Profit Potential

    You can earn consistent dollar profit every month with Aron's fund. Our proven strategies generate steady returns, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of investing without the worry of market fluctuations.

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    Capital insurance

    Partnered with an insurance company, Aron Broker ensures your capital against losses. Despite years of operation, the fund has never incurred losses, offering unparalleled security.

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    Reducing investment risk

    Managed by professionals, investment funds are inherently less risky than individual trading. Enjoy stress-free profit generation without the complexities of personal trading.

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How to open an account in Aron’s Investment Fund


Start investing with Aron Broker's investment fund

  • Register and authenticate on Aron Groups website.
  • Enter the accounts section in the user panel and select the option "Open live account".
  • In the account type section, select "fund account" and click on continue.
  • In this way, the account will be created for you and the username and password will be sent to your email. You must use this username and password to log in to MetaTrader 5.
  • You can directly deposit or transfer money to the fund's account to buy shares of the new month.
  • Get the help of online support to get the every month’s symbol and more guidance.

Investment fund for all your trading needs

Aron Broker's investment fund is a safe way to invest indirectly in the forex market. This fund is suitable for those who do not have enough time to participate in the financial markets and analyze transactions and frequent trades, but want to invest in this large market.

If you are looking to participate in the forex market and earn profit and passive income, without spending time and energy, we recommend depositing in Aron Broker's investment fund.


Aron’s investment fund is a safe and indirect way to earn profit and income from the forex market. You can earn profit with the help of fund managers and professional traders.


  • How do I invest in the Aron Investment Fund?

  • To invest in the Aron Investment Fund, first, create your preferred account. Then, access MetaTrader. Once signed in to your trading account, utilize the broker's online customer support to obtain the investment symbol for the current month's fund. Afterward, purchase the desired number of shares. Aron Groups customer support will assist you through each step if needed.

  • What is the price of a share in the Aron Investment Fund?

  • To buy a share in the fond, you should deposit $100. For example, to acquire five shares, deposit $500 into your investment-formed account. 

    Please note that no interest accrues on deposits to this account, and purchasing shares with less than $100 is not possible.

  • On which days can I purchase shares in the Aron Investment Fund?

  • Shares of the Investment Fund for the upcoming month can be bought from the 20th of the current month until the 14th of the following month. 

    Please note that If you plan to purchase shares for the next month, prompt action is advisable, as shares may sell out in the final days.

  • What are the minimum and maximum shares one can buy in the Aron Investment Fund?

  • The minimum purchase is one share, equivalent to $100. There is no maximum limit on the number of shares you can buy. However, due to potential share depletion mentioned in the third question, it is advisable to act promptly, especially for larger purchases.

  • When does the trading of investment shares end, and can I withdraw funds?

  • Trading of active shares concludes in the early hours of the third day of each month, after which capital and interest become available for withdrawal. Clients can also purchase shares for the next month after the capital is released.

  • What is the Aron Broker’s commission for trading investment funds?

  • After allocating interest to the client's account, a percentage of the profit will be deducted as commission. The remaining amount is available for withdrawal or for purchasing additional shares.

  • How can I cancel a trade before its intended completion?

  • Cancellation before the scheduled time incurs a 30% commission, and you will not receive any profit. To cancel a trade prematurely, submit a ticket requesting the early sale of a specific number of shares and agree to pay the 30% commission.