50% Commission discount 50% Commission discount 50% Commission discount

50% Commission discount

Bonus introduction

Aron Broker considered a 50% commission discount for NASDAQ & DOWJONES’ symbols for all Aron Broker’s clients.

Terms and conditions
  • The plan begins on 2024/01/22 at 00:01 and ends on 2024/02/02 at 23:59 country time zone.
  • Acceptable accounts in this plan are Standard, and VIP.
  • During the implementation time of this plan, Standard and VIP traders will receive a 50% commission discount on NASDAQ & DOWJONES symbols.
  • Aron Broker has the right to deal with the violator by the rules if they observe any violation or abuse of the broker’s rules. These principles include blocking the account balance, determining and receiving fines or damages, exclusion from broker services, and reckoning.
Risk warning

Forex and leveraged trading involve significant risk and can cause your capital to suffer serious losses. Be aware of the risks. It is wise to enter the market with a capital that will not harm you if it encounters any possible lost. Using leveraged trading is not suitable for every trader.

Non-leveraged trading, like stock trading, also involves risk, because the stock value is also constantly fluctuating and can cause part of your capital to get damaged. Good past performance cannot guarantee your future success. Before starting trading, make decisions based on your experience and goals and consult with financial experts if needed. It is a must for the users to ensure they can use the services of Aron Broker according to the laws of their country of residence. Please read the agreement form along with the broker’s general regulations.

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