Frequently Asked Questions


In this section, you can find the answers to the questions with the highest number of repetitions from the users, if you still have questions in mind, you can get help from our experts in the online support department.

financial and accounting
1) What methods can I use for deposit and withdrawal?

Aron Groups offers traders a variety of payment methods, such as bank card payments, e-wallets and bank transfers.

2) What is the minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal?

The minimum deposit and withdrawal in dollar accounts is 10 dollars and in toman accounts is 500,000 tomans. If the balance is less than 500,000 Tomans or 10 dollars, the withdrawal support must be reported to the account for withdrawal.

3) What currencies can I invest in?

Acceptable currencies are dollars and tomans.

4) Do I have to pay a fee for deposit and withdrawal?

Depending on the type of payment, there may be no commission or commission.

5) What is a wallet?

The wallet is created automatically when you open an account at and can be used to deposit, withdraw and transfer internally to your trading accounts with different currencies or investments.

6) How can I charge my account?

Log in to your user panel at

In the Assets section, go to the Deposit page.

Select the wallet you want to charge (dollar – toman)

Choose your preferred deposit method.

Confirm your deposit details on the next page.

7) How long does it take to process deposits?

See the Deposits and Withdrawals page for information on how long it takes to process each payment method.

If we need to request and review additional information, the processing time may be longer.

Please note that aron groups is not responsible for any delays on the part of the payer.

8) When is a deposit processed during a consecutive or weekend holiday?

All deposits are processed on weekends or holidays based on the standard processing time for each payment method.

9) Can I make a deposit from a country other than my country of residence?

Yes, you can charge your wallet in most countries with a number of predictable deposit methods such as Perfect Money, Top Change and payeer.

10) Can I deposit using a method that is not in my name?

It is possible if you make a deposit through internet portals (Top Change – Payeer – Perfect Money).

11) How can I withdraw from my account?

To withdraw money, you must be level 1 in your user panel

Then in the Assets section, go to the Withdrawal section and select the type of withdrawal method and confirm the details of your withdrawal request on the next page.

See our videos for step-by-step instructions on how to request money.

12) Can I use a different method when withdrawing than depositing?

Yes, but to change the withdrawal platform, if you have not made a deposit from that platform, it comes with a fee.

13) Can I withdraw if I have open positions?

Yes, as long as your account has enough free margin to cover possible withdrawals and additional costs.

14) How can I cancel my withdrawal request?

Announce your cancellation request by visiting the support section

15)How can I transfer money between my trading accounts?

Select the transfer option from the assets menu and you can transfer between wallets and trading accounts.

Note: In order to transfer between the wallet or from the wallet to the account, the currency of origin and destination must be the same

16) Are there any restrictions on internal transfer?

No. Internal transfer between one person’s wallets is not limited

17) Do you receive a commission fee for internal transfer?

No. Internal transfer from wallet to trading accounts or vice versa is for one person without deduction of commission.

18) How long does it take for an internal transfer to be processed?

The internal transfer process is processed in minutes. If there are any delays, please contact Financial Support Services.

19) My deposit / withdrawal has been rejected, what should I do?

If your deposit has been declined, an email must be sent to you to explain why.

You can also check the status of your deposit and withdrawal in your account in the transactions section. And if you need more questions, refer to support

20) Why was my deposit request canceled?

Your request may be canceled for one of the following reasons:

Incorrect card details

Invalid email / username (wallet)

Incorrect account number

Wrong currency (interbank)

Incorrect payment destination (interbank)

Return of transactions by the bank

Incorrect recipient name (interbank)

21) Why was my withdrawal request canceled?

Your request may be canceled for one of the following reasons:

Use a new platform with which you have not yet made a deposit (refer to support to use this feature)

You have not had any trading activity since the last deposit.

Incorrect details

Insufficient free margin to cover open positions.

The payment method used for withdrawals is different from that used for deposits.

Withdrawals do not cover payment system costs.

No additional information required

22) How long does it take for my withdrawing process to take place?

All withdrawal requests are processed by our financial support department during the same business day, however the time required to transfer funds to your account depends on the payment method used.

If you request withdrawal within 2 working days after processing, the desired amount will be sent to the user’s wallet by the broker Aron Groups or to his bank account by the money changer. In the event of any delay after this time, please contact us to investigate.

1. How can I check what kind of trading account I opened?

In the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) section of the user panel, you can see all your real accounts and demos.

Log in to your profile

2. How many trading accounts can I open?

You can create up to 5 accounts for demo accounts and up to 5 accounts for live accounts.

3. What currencies can I use to open an account?

Tomans and dollars

4. What is the minimum deposit required for trading accounts?

Standard account: $ 50 or equivalent in Tomans

Cash account: $ 500 or equivalent in Tomans

Micro account: $ 5 or equivalent in Tomans

VIP account: $ 1000 or equivalent in Tomans

5. Is it possible to scalp?


6. What spreads do you have?

We offer floating spreads for all accounts.

7.What is Requote?

The word “requote” means re-announcing the rate in the transaction, which means that due to the rate change, it is no longer possible to trade at the rate at which you sent the order. This usually happens at times when the market is changing rapidly or when important news is being announced.

8. What kind of leverage do you offer?

Floating other than cash account.

The maximum leverage available on micro accounts is 1: 200.

The maximum leverage available in standard accounts is 1: 100.

The maximum leverage available on vip accounts is 1: 50.

9. How can I change my leverage?

Message support to change your lever.

10. What is the minimum and maximum volume that can be traded?

See the following link:

11. Do you offer non-swap accounts?

Yes, the cash account is without swap.

Cash account (Swap free)

12. When are swaps calculated?

Swaps vary according to daily market conditions. Swap changes will be announced every day according to market conditions.
1. Swap time will be 2:00 AM server time (4:30 AM Iran time).
2. Swaps will be calculated and deducted three times for all Toman symbols on Thursdays and for Forex symbols on Saturdays.
3. On Sundays and Mondays, transactions did not include swaps.

13. What are your Margin Call and Stop Out levels?

It is 30% and 10% in standard and cash accounts.

It is 20% and 10% in micro accounts.

In vip accounts are 40% and 20%

14.What are your trading hours?

From 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

15. Where are your servers?

Our servers are located in the UK.

16. Can you guarantee that my order will be processed at the selected price?

Orders where the price reaches Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Sell Limit and Sell Stop will be processed immediately.

However, in the event of rapid market movement, price gaps and the release of important new economic news, etc., we have the right to place orders at the first available price.

17. Can I trade during news releases and market fluctuations?

Yes, however, trading at that time can be very risky.

18. Do your spreads change during the news release?

Spreads may increase in Fluctuating conditions.

19. Do you have a news section on your platform?

Yes, you can check the new news event in the MetaTrader app menu or view the daily news on the main site and channel of the company.

20. What market analysis do you offer?

Daily analysis of trading markets:

Instant price:

Economic News:

21. Do you provide trading signals?


For your well-being, dear ones, and quick access to the signals and analyzes of the professors, after registering in the MetaTrader chat room, send your login to one of the following colleagues.

bahare31 sharifi





22. How can I download my trading platform on Desktop / IOS / Android?

Log in to your user panel at and select MetaTrader 5 from the menu and download the version you want.

23. How do I log in to my trading platform?

In the desktop version of Meta Trader 5 software, select the login to trade account option from the file tab and enter the login and password sent to your email.

In the Android / iOS version, open the menu and click on Get Started. Then click on the + sign at the top of the page. In the Find broker section, search for Aron Group, enter the Login and Password sent to your email.

24. What is an investor password?

It is a password that the user provides to his investors so that the investor can monitor their trades. Note that if you use this password, you will not be given the right to trade and You can only monitor transactions.

25. How do I open a new trade or position?

In the desktop version, right-click on the trading icon and then select “New Order” from within your trading platform. Complete the required information in a new window.

In the Android / iOS version, from the quotes tab, touch the desired trading symbol and select the new order option from the small pop-up window that opens.

26) How can I close an open position?

In the desktop version, double-click or right-click on the transaction you want to close.

When the order window opens, click “Close” and then click OK.

In the Android / iOS version of the Trade tab, press and hold the desired order. Then select the action you want in the small pop-up window that appears.

You can see all the closed positions in the “History” tab.

27) Why am I not able to register a new order?

Your margin level has reached cal margin or your inventory is not enough.

28) Why is my open order closed?

Your margin level has reached the stop out. Otherwise contact support.

29) Is it possible to close open trades in case of heavy fluctuations?

In case of severe fluctuations, the company may use immediate settlement.

30) What should I do if I have a problem with a particular trade?

Contact Aron Company Support

Contact support

31) How can I set or change the order of the loss or profit limit of my trades?

Standard Account: You can set Stop Loss / Take Profit in the new order window. To change the profit or loss limit, you must right-click on your open trade in the trade tab and select the modify or delete option.

You can not change or delete Stop Loss / Take Profit when the order has reached the desired price.

32) Why does my trade open with a negative value?

Due to the calculation of spreads

33) Why does my position not close when I open an opposite trade in the same market in the same size?

Because you use a hedging system.

34) What happens to positions that are open during the night?

Your position will remain open and swap to the next trading day. You can view our swap rates at Note that the swap is updated every night after 11 p.m.

35) What are your commission and swap costs for different types of accounts?

For information on the cost of commissions, refer to the following link:

Swap is notified every night after 11 pm on the site and mailbox of MetaTrader 5 software.

36) How is my trading account balance calculation?

Commission + Swaps + Profit or Loss + Balance = Inventory or Equity

37) How can I calculate the margin?

Leverage / amount of the main value of the desired volume in the market = margin

Example: If 1 lot (1 kg) of melted gold is 1 billion tomans; With a leverage of 1: 100, there should be a guarantee of 10 million Tomans.

1.100 billion tomans = 10 million tomans

38) How can I calculate the free margin?

Used Margin – Inventory = Free Margin

39) How is the margin level calculated?

100 * Margin used / inventory = margin level

Membership and profile
1. What is

My Aron Groups is your user panel in Aron Groups Broker where you can open trading accounts, download your trading platforms, upload verifications, receive and pay money.

Log in to user profile

2. How to register in Aron Groups?


Enter your information and click Continue

Check your email for a verification code.

Enter Auth Code.

Enter your email and password and click on Login.

3. This email error has already been registered, what does it mean?

If you receive this message, it means that your email has already been used to sign up for Aron Groups.

If you have forgotten your password, you can follow the steps to create a new password at

You should note that you are only allowed to open an Aron Groups account.

4. I enter the password but it is not acceptable?

Must be at least 6 characters, at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and numbers.

5. What does an invalid phone error mean?

Enter your mobile number, foe example like this, +989123456789.

6. What is a verification code?

A verification code (personal identification number) is required to confirm each request to open an account or change your password. Your verification code will be sent via email, you must enter the verification code to continue.

7. Why was the verification code not sent to my email?

First, make sure you enter your email correctly when registering. Otherwise check the spam section of your email.

8. How can we change our password?

First, log in to your user panel at From the Profile menu, then click Settings. Tap the password change option. An email containing a verification code will be sent to you. Enter it and tap Send, then enter your new password and tap Change.

9. How is the editing of personal information in Aron user account?

See support.

10. How can I do authentication?

First, log in to your user panel at From the Profile menu, then click Review. Upload your ID, which must be a new national card, identity card or passport with an expiration date, to be verified.

11. I have an error uploading my ID, what should I do?

The size of your upload file is high, you need to reduce your file size.

12. How do I know the reason for my denial of authentication?

In the valid documents section, the reason for non-approval or the image of the certified document can be seen.

13. How do I know if authentication has been verified?

In the part where you uploaded the photo, Level 1 is displayed if it is approved and Level 0 is displayed if it is not approved.

14. Is there an age limit for registration?

You must be at least 18 years old to register.

15. Which section should I go to to open a live and demo account?

To open a live and demo account, log in to your user panel at and select MetaTrader 5 from the menu. Specify the type of account you want to open. Fill in the required details and click ‘Open Account’. The login and password will be sent to your email.

16. What is the difference between a live account and a demo?

Demo account is for learning and the trader trades with virtual money and its profit and loss is virtual.

The live account requires the deposit of money and its profit and loss are real.

17. What is the difference between micro, standard, VIP and cash accounts?
18. What is the difference between dollar accounts and tomans?

If the deposit is in Tomans, you can create Toman accounts and receive your interest in Tomans, and if the deposit is in dollars, you can create dollar accounts and withdraw your interest in dollars.

19. What is the difference between Netting and Hedging?

In the Hedging account, you can have a repurchase factor and a resale factor at the same time, and close each one separately, but in the Netting account, you can only open a transaction in one direction, for example, if 200 grams are bought first and then 100 grams are sold. 100 grams of the remaining purchase and another 100 grams of the sale have been sold.

20. What is a leverage?

Leverage means using multiple amounts of your guarantee. For example, if you set your lever to 100 and the price of 1 lot of melted gold (1 kg) is 1 billion tomans, you can only trade 1 lot of melted gold by paying 10 million tomans. (Guarantee = leverage / actual price)

21.How much is each lot in each trading symbol?

See the below page fot the table of contract volumes

22. Is there a trade-off for introducing friends?

For information on inviting friends, refer to the following link

Start trading with just four simple steps and make a profit


Open your main account after registering


Upload the documents required to activate your account


Log in to your account and top up your account

Start trading

Start trading and make a profit

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