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طرح بونوس (Bonus)
بروکر آرون گروپس

?What is Bonus

One of the incentive programs of different brokers is bonus.

Bonus literally means a reward or extra payment, which in addition to the incentive plan, can also be considered as a promotional plan, as well as helping the customer.

From the types of bonus brokers, Aron Groups has chosen a type of bonus according to the interests of its traders in order to provide more welfare facilities for the benefit of its traders.

Brokers who offer bonus plans in their business plans usually also set and announce rules about it.

By offering a special bonus plan, Aron Groups has provided the conditions for its traders to experience a net profit by receiving a cash withdrawal bonus in opening an account in Aron Groups broker.

Broker Aron Gropes Special Gift on Traders Birthdays


✅Get a gift from Aron Groups broker on your birthday

Every person’s birthday is one of the most important days of his life. for this reason: Aron Broker pays all active traders on their birthdays 50% of their trading commission on the same day up to one million Tomans, after sending a congratulatory text message from the broker as a hearty souvenir.


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