Aron Groups Prop

Aron Prop

Our goal is to offer the best. If you are a professional trader, start now, 90% profit, without limitation; the opportunity is yours.

What is Prop Trading?

In simple words, prop trading means trading in financial markets, receiving your funds from another company. You can not withdraw the money that this company deposited in the broker, but you are able to trade with this fund and make money.

You will be offered 1:200 leverage by depositing at least 300 U.S Dollars, without paying any monthly subscription fees. As long as the drawdown rule is observed, you can continue trading on this account; and as soon as you reach 1% profit, you can withdraw 90% of the gained income.

In Aron Prop service, you are able to trade more than 400 trading symbols including precious metals, energy, stocks, currency pairs and cryptocurrency markets.

Payment Methods of Aron Groups

Deposit or withdraw in any way you like